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    2019 Prospect: 2019 5* C Clay Webb (Oxford, AL) commits to UGA

    Re: 2019 5* C Clay Webb (Oxford, AL) Updates And further back, player/coach Jim Fuller.
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    Poll Controversies Revisited: 1992 - Put a Cork(y) In It: Wide Right, One Great Night

    Wow, that brought back memories and filled in memory lapses. Alabama was always criticized as winning "ugly", but in the end, Corky Simpson was given his due respects.
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    LSU DAD - SEC Weekly Review - The Bloody First Week

    I believe that LSU Dad has gone the subscription route.
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    Les Miles fired according to Sunday reports

    LSU Dad video blog should go viral. I was anxious to see his video about the end of last night's game. Previously he had blogged to fire the Athletic Director, and if that did not work, then fire the Governor; as they were not getting their $64 million value football budget, and he named the...
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    Les Miles fired according to Sunday reports

    This may also affect the job of the Athletic Director's job, which was in jeopardy last year
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    News Article: Newest addition to the coaching staff The best just keeps getting better, with the addition of Ed Marynowitz to the staff. Mods, please delete if previously posted.
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    what happened to Will Friend?

    I thought that Will Friend was the Offensive Line Coach at Georgia. I just saw that Coach Kirby Smart has Sam Pittman as Offensive Line Coach. I have felt that Will Friend would be a valuable asset to the Alabama coaching staff as Offensive Line Coach. If there is something in the works to that...
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    Jordan Bentley, RB Guntersville, Micah Stallworth, LB Albertville

    Jordan Bentley put on a show last night with 3 touchdowns for Guntersville,(10-0) 5A, winning in a 37-0 game against Albertville (7-2), 6A. Bentley has scored 102 touchdowns so far in his career. Auburn recruiters were at the game, and hustled him away for the Auburn/Ole Miss game. This was the...
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    Question: Anyone miss the Legion Field games?

    The Auburn game has never been the same, since ticket sales were split 50/50. No one had the home field advantage, although Auburn claimed that Alabama had the advantage, as Legion Field was closer to the Alabama campus. Yes the neighborhood bbq cooked with a grill over a wash tub in the front yard.
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    Which coach have you hated losing to the most?

    I second that motion and totally agree, hated losing to ND during that period.
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    The father of Dabo Swinney passed away last evening

    I have just learned from my high school news of the death of Ervil Swinney, father of Dabo Swinney, Head Football coach at Clemson, former player and coach at Alabama. Ervil Swinney passed away after a long and continuing battle with cancer. I went to high school with both of Dabo's parents.
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    Random quarterback observation I just had

    Now that is funny and about what Jennifer Flowers said also
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    Link: Injury Luck

    I do believe that lack of injuries is as important as anything in winning football games/championships. In 1992 Gene Stallings team was virtually injury free. One of Mike Shula's teams were so riddled with injuries, that it seemed like half the team was on crutches.
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    Schedule of Alabama's SEC Network Takeover (June 29)

    There is one error in the linked schedule. The first game broadcast starts at 11:00 PM SUNDAY evening. not 11:00 AM.
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    Schedule of Alabama's SEC Network Takeover (June 29)

    Thanks for the link, RTR91

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