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    Game Thread: Oregon (With Pink Helmets..LOL) - Washington St

    See, that's what I think's a great color. I especially like that they made them sparkly too. :)
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    Game Thread: Oregon (With Pink Helmets..LOL) - Washington St

    Re: Oregon(With Pink Helmets..LOL) - Washington St I'm with Jessica...I love the pink helmets. And Oregon looks pretty strong. Doesn't matter what color their helmets are, they have a really good team.
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    Eddie Lacy KOed with a Concussion

    Really hope EL is ok...was looking forward to seeing him get some playing time this season. Weird how the the defender laying the hit got one too later in the game...
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    AJM Praise and Appreciation Thread

    He is one of the best in college football and very underrated...even though he was the winning qb yesterday but you couldn't tell it with all the media worship of JM, but I digress. AJ was given the reigns yesterday to make plays and he made them...that last td to Fowler was a great call. It's...
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    JessN: Texas A&M wrap-up: Alabama’s win makes no sense, from any angle

    Thank goodness! I thought I might be the only one that feels this way... He was hardly on the radar until the win against Bama last year; and I agree as well he's gonna have to win more than 16 games and the Cotton Bowl to even get in the conversation of best ever...smh
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    Worst officiating ever

    Pagan got held there at the end on the JM scramble that was on one of the miracle call.
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    Johnny Manziel processed...

    Reread my post... ;)
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    Johnny Manziel processed...

    Thank you, I agree. I don't mean to take anything away from his accomplishments, but he threw a few passes totally up for grabs. The bogus calls and his receivers make him look good or we're talking about a bigger win points-wise for Bama. He's an uber talented player though no doubt.
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    ****Bama v.s TAMU Pregame Thread****

    G' morning, Tidefan nation! Slept in this morning, just showered & got my game day gear on, now sitting here sipping my coffee watching ESPN Gameday, while Mr. Cat is off doing errands. Gonna be a good day of games and can't wait to watch the Crimson Tide roll over aTm today... Roll Tide!!!!!!!
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    Oregon vs. Tennessee, who do you pull for?

    Tennessee....but Oregon will likely obliterate them, and I will be perfectly okay with that.
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    Falling Dominoes: Firing of Brown, Kiffin Would Have Ripple Effect

    Yep, forgot about Petrino. He'll land somewhere better eventually.
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    Falling Dominoes: Firing of Brown, Kiffin Would Have Ripple Effect

    I think Kiffin will be kept until they're over sanctions as well. It's the only reasonable explanation of why he was hired in the first place. Mack at UT on the other hand, might have hit on their last nerve. I'm guessing Patterson and Briles for sure due to their recruiting connections and...
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    Best wishes from Norman

    You rep your Gators well, Bazza. :PDT_orctrinque:;)
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    Five SEC Players Alleged To Have Taken Impermissible Benefits

    Re: Five SEC Players Took Impermissible Benefits Well, found about this as I was getting home from work. Doesn't look good, but after reading the article, I'm not as concerned as I was initially, at least with what is out there at this point. Seems to me, prior relationship could definitely...
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    Pick the score: Texas A&M vs. Alabama

    Totally agree... And it's all a guess at this point, with no more games that have been played this year, not a lot to go on. aTm just doesn't seem to light it up as much when facing a good defense. I picked Bama 35-17 but it wouldn't surprise if aTm put 21-24 pts up at all...I just feel like if...