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    SCOTUS and Roe - Part 2

    Wow. I know that things were so bad in the 20's that Hugo Black had to join the Klan if he wanted a future. I guess they've always been craven politicians. He became a flaming liberal when Roosevelt was Prez and started back-sliding in his old age.
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    SCOTUS and Roe - Part 2

    They are trying to undo the "abberation" of the Warren and Burger courts. I guess Fuller was the last legitimate court? Stare decisis if we're talking about Plessy? Maybe Taney?
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    SCOTUS and Roe - Part 2

    Ha Ha! Does he want the penalty for violating the law?
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    Eli Ricks Arrested-Charge Dismissed by Court

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    SCOTUS and Roe - Part 2

    Inter-racial, as well.
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    SCOTUS and Roe - Part 2

    Can we just go ahead and get a "Leopards Ate My Face" thread?
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    SCOTUS and Roe

    I wait with bated breath Judge Thomas' dissent when this "Court" , 5-4, rules against "Loving" and "Ollies BBQ". We still have laws against miscegenation on the books in many states and I'll bet Virginia is one. Which will be first, he being turned away from his favorite restaurant or...
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    FDA bans Juul e-cigarettes tied to teen vaping surge

    Cat's out of the bag. The kids are hooked. More money to organized crime. Lovely.
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    The U.S. economy - Year 2022

    Trump closed the borders. A very Un-Republican thing to do. Yes, racist and therefore, popular, but unlike rich Republicans who want to hire illegals to nanny their children, clean their homes, work their gardens, roof and brick their construction and, most importantly, pick the fruits and...
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    Far-right sends shockwaves in France after electoral breakthrough

    I try to talk to my Republican friends who complain about high prices and when I praise our guest-workers as being peaceful, Christian assimilators, they stare at me. They don't know what a guest-worker is. What can we do? I'm trying to talk football and they've never seen the game.
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    Far-right sends shockwaves in France after electoral breakthrough

    Sounds like Biden in the hinterlands. We got a fight on our hands.
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    Game Thread: Braves vs Nats

    Goose is a journeyman. Hopefully, Arcia is our answer for two months.
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    Game Thread: Braves vs Nats

    Do we have a super special young-un from AA we can bring up?
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    Florida hires Louisiana's Billy Napier as new Head Football Coach

    Any way they could face Auburn in a Bowl?
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    Price of gas

    My 2018 Civic doesn't have the ECO button, but my 2013 Civic did. I think, because apparently I drive like a (Great) Grandmother, the ECO button and the '13 got a bit better mileage than the '18, for me. Still not sad to see it go. I turned the ECO off when I had the '13 because its supposed...

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