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    Off topic but J.T about to win PGA

    If he could putt a hair better he’d almost b unbeatable But that’s golf
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Harris may have a shot as a hybrid LB/safety type player.
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Why wouldn’t Sanders have had a shot at ILB assuming we lose current starter(s) to NFL? He s seems big enough and fast enough and would of course know the system if not the position.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL PostGame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, NCG...

    Dang, the visitor team is almost as big as the home team. RTR!
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    College football. Fun while it lasted.
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    Coaching Carousel 2021

    Why should he get to stay longer than anyone else?😜
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    Another round of semi final games, two more blowouts.

    Yes we need more teams in the playoffs. Not.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. Cincinnati, 2nd Half...

    Pick up the pace. Runs and short throws. Make first does. Jeez.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. Cincinnati, 1st Half...

    Starting to look all to familiar. Let’s hope not.
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    John Madden has died

    He loved the Snake
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    LSU CB Eli Ricks is entering the transfer portal (xfers to Bama)

    If you’re a free agent pickup And your team is still under the cap you should be able to play immediately
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    Link: Pickett fake slide leads to touchdown, should this be addressed with a rule?

    Should have called him for unsportsmanlike conduct on the spot. Thought the repeated references last night were a well deserved embarrassment.
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    Players possibly returning for 2022

    Is this Ray’s first senior season or his second? Thinking Covid here. I think Sanders would be an excellent MLB. Good combo of size and speed especially since we’ll b deep at OLB.
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    How good is Cincy?

    We entered a period where we have to have our A game 3 games in a row. One down and two to go. Focus on Bama and bring it for two more games. I like our chances. The team has now seen what the results are when you practice and play to your potential. The sleeping giant is awakened. Roll on.
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    Some General Thoughts on the Georgia Game

    Let’s go all Mississippi State on them. Spread them out and pass on every down. Sprinkle in some RPO and a throw over the top. Go fast when we get field position. On D stop the run and keep the QB in the pocket but w controlled pressure.

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