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    CFN: Alabama vs Florida Prediction, Game Preview

    Told you I wasn’t getting any younger.
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    CFN: Alabama vs Florida Prediction, Game Preview

    Nice post Young man. Young may play if he heals enough. He’s still a young man so there’s that. Could be a close game. I hope not cause I’m not getting any younger. Roll!
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    Let's talk Bama Running Backs (Game 1 Reflections)

    Running over people tends to slow you down a mite. 😉
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    Wisconsin fans ‘Jump Around’ for the first time in two years

    Great to see all those smart vaccinated people having fun doing what they love.
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    Trey Sanders - Long road to recovery

    People had angles on him but never laid a finger on him. Smooth is fast is right. Chin up young man. Keep working.
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    Miami - A Word Of Caution

    Ya but he punted like 3 times or something right? 😜
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    Former Alabama Players on NFL Rosters

    I don’t watch pro ball but…. Seems like only yesterday there were basically none. Thank you CNS.
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    LSU will require proof of vaccination or negative PCR test for game attendance

    There’s a guy hiking the AT that puts peanut butter , Nutella , and tuna fish on a wrap. That’s just wrong. 🤢
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    Billingsley may be in doghouse

    That there is some deep crap. 😉👍
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    Jake Pope commits to BAMA

    Heard he was recruited as a safety
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    Rank your road experiences

    I had a bad road experience today driving home on I-81 N. 😡
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    Report:The SEC Is Targeting Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan And Florida State For Expansion

    And because twentyessee just rolls off your tongue 😛
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    BREAKING Officially Official: UTX & OU announce plan to leave Big12 & join SEC

    Hey their getting paid aren’t they? The next thing is a players union.
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    Will the UA-UM game be safe to attend? (No politics, please...)

    “Personally, I’m probably not going, but for reasons unrelated to COVID…..we have friends who have a recently-completed cabin in Blue Ridge, and we’ll watch it from a spectacular vantage point.” dang Those are some good binoculars. 😉
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    Do You Want Oklahoma And Texas To Join The SEC?

    It’s a business. There’s no fun in business. This would dilute NIL for our guys. Bad for business. I’m only half kidding. 😡

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