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    Happy Birthday, Crimson Audio!

    Happy BD, CA. Saw this late but trust you had an outstanding day. God bless.
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    78 years ago today, D-Day...

    ...and less every day. My dad was in a transportation battalion at Omaha. Made it all the way to Bayeux, France. Never would talk about it much, at all. War does that to participants.
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    New Book on CNS and the Tide by Tuscaloosa News

    The content is taken from the T.N., including some great photos. From the summary: "Relive Alabama's rise to power under Coach Nick Saban in this hardcover collector's book! From his recruiting to community involvement, player development to National Championships, this 160-page coffee-table...
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    New Book on CNS and the Tide by Tuscaloosa News

    Just came in. Looking forward for a memory refresh.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

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    Good Morning Tide Nation.

    Thanks, Jim.
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    Good Morning Tide Nation.

    HE IS RISEN!!!
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    What to watch this weekend?

    SECN has the replay at 1PM Central on Sunday.
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    If Duke holds on, I see the possibility of an all blue final four.
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    Bama women beat Tulane in NIT 2nd round

    Congrats to the ladies in beating Houston 79-64. Well done! Onward and upward.
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    Daylight Saving Time - Change your clocks today!

    Heretofore I was puzzled as to why there was such a thing as "time" at all. Then the best explanation I've heard that made sense is that God created time so that everything would not have happened at once. Mystery solved...:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Too early to talk Spring Ball? ( Discussion thread)

    Condolences in the passing of your Dad. I miss mine every day of the last 21 years since he passed.
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    Inquiring minds want to know, Bama vs Ole Siss for Uncle Eli? What about when Bama plays 10RC for Uncle Payton? Would be hilarious for either to show up in Bama gear for those particular games that Arch QBs in. What a revoltin' development that would be for those fans...
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    Trouble Coming with UTexas...

    Not a fan of the current expansion either. Had enough trouble when aTm and Mizzou were admitted. But that's just me.
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    The DIY Home Project Thread

    Looks like a pro job to me, B1g. Looks fine.

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