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    Debunking The "Death Valley At Night" Myth of Nonsense

    We owned Death Valley when I was a kid growing up and still do for most part.

    Week 14 2020 - CFP Playoff (Crazy?) Predictions Thread

    1. Alabama Crimson 2. Alabama White 3. Notre Dame 4. Texas Am

    State of Alabama defense

    As Jimmy Buffett sing's " Only time will tell".

    LSU Football Self Imposing Penalties for Violations Connected to Boosters

    I remember seeing him pass out that cash after the game and thinking this is not going to turn out good for them.

    Pick The Score: Bama vs thirteenessee

    58 - 14 The University.

    Bama Game Thread: Official PostGame Thread - Bama vs. UGA...

    I am taken back a bit getting used to My beloved university having a high powered offense. I grew up with defense being the mainstay.

    We need pressure and we need disruption, how are we going to get it?

    We needed this game. I think it will up our D and help them play better. RTR

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly..... da Jawja Dawgs style!

    Good- Mac Jones....The second half D Bad- Linebacker play Ugly- The way the dawgs D pulled the player necks and heads.

    Bama Game Thread: Official PostGame Thread - Bama vs. UGA...

    Great second have, the defense is coming into its own. Just give it a little time. We have the chance to be a really good ball team..RTR
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    Pick the score: Alabama vs. A&M

    38-7 Bama
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    Only one punter going to Missouri per Saban on BOL

    Tug I Love the new ones talking smack..
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    Pick the score: Alabama vs. Mizzou

    Ozark mountain Dare Devils 14 The Southern Pachyderms 45
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    Poll..Do you think there will be football this fall?

    Unfortunately I do not believe there will be a season. I hope I am wrong but with the ER business continuing to grow each week, and the large number of people coming in positive I really cant see it happening. Each week our number grow each night I see more and more patients, its really scary.
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    JessN: Alabama in somewhat uncharted territory with football practice, ticket renewals

    I called the university yesterday and asked what their plan was. I was told they have not made a decision yet. I should try back later on. I assume one of 3 things could happen. 1. They would refund the money. 2. They would do a later season with fewer games and pro rate it. 3. They would put...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Effects of pandemic on sports...

    I've started playing the kids Xbox, NCAA football. needless to say Bama wins every game.

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