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    News Article: Blake Barnett quit the team

    Re: Blake Barnett Transferring Barnett transferring doesn't surprise me at all. His realistic opportunity to start was pretty slim. Hurts would have to get injured for him to start. So his choice would be hope his teammate gets hurt or wait till he (Barnett) is a redshirt senior and hope that...
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    SEC NASCAR Series

    Dega tore down the back stretch stands 2-3 years ago I believe. I also think they've torn down some of the turn 1 & 4 stands, but don't hold me to that. They couldn't sell out so in the interests of making the stands look full, they take out seats. You couldn't watch a game at Dega unless they...
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    What's happened to David Cornwell this summer?

    That's similar to what I had had heard. I heard he mouthed off to Kiffin and/or Saban. So basically his mouth caused him to go from 1st/2nd string to 5th string.
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    Derrick Henry has created quite the buzz with his new car picture on instagram

    Challenger I mean it's only a Dodge, not a BMW. Say it's $30K sticker (if its a new car), they give him $6k for trade in (he probably had a car before), plus negotiate a cheaper price. With a 72 month loan and reasonable interest rate you're only talking $275 a month or so. Pretty cheap car...
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    Meet the Bag Man: How to Buy Players, in the Words of a Man Who Delivers the Money

    Very interesting article, what website is it from?
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    Bama fans (student section) may leave early but at least they show up!!! (Article)

    Well obviously the SEC (or most schools in SEC) take football more serious than other conferences. To keep students filling the stands you need demand. Having less seats available than on campus students is a must. When I was a freshman I couldn't get season tickets I had to buy off other...
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    DECLASSIFIED: Private Messages to the Mods We Never See

    Why was the poster #1 name removed? Shouldn't everyone at least know who the village idiot is so that we can avoid or ignore them?
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    run the football

    This is the main reason we lost. Hard to overcome 28 points off turnovers. I will go with our defense not playing well in the first half as the second reason.
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    AJ is rooting for the barn

    There is a better chance of me supporting Obama than cheering for Auburn.....
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    ****Bama Vs. OU Postgame Thread****

    Ck just saw his stock drop.maybe the young guys will learn from this.
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    Jadaveon Clowney ticketed for doing 110mph in South Carolina

    If your drive shaft breaks at 125mph then either you have some major drivetrain issues or you are turning some serious RPMS.
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    Bad Iron Bowl Bet

    Robert Lester made a similar bet with $cam
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    2013-2014 College Football Coaching Carousel

    Re: CBS reporting Sarkesian to USC Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen the yearly Gruden is showing interest in whatever school post yet
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    2013-2014 College Football Coaching Carousel

    Re: CBS reporting Sarkesian to USC I just heard that as well. It wouldnt shock me one bit if LSU hired Orgeron as director of recruiting or some other sort of position if he doesn't get a good HC offer.
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    ****Bama vs. The Barn - PostGame Thread****

    It's like 2011 lsu all over again. Maybe the cards will fall in place. Someone should bottle all the auburn luck and take it

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