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    Bama vs Utex

    I pretty much turn the sound off on all announcers these days. They detract from the game instead of blending in and becoming part of it.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    The debates that take place when kids stop getting scholarships are the ones that I look forward to hearing. There will be people who make all kinds of unfounded claims about fairness or racism or sexism and wonder why so many kids are no longer given the opportunity to trade their athletic...
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    Off topic but J.T about to win PGA

    He had a couple of makeable putts on the back nine that he didn't make, and I thought those would doom him. However, he posted a solid score and guys came back to him. Zalatoris had two huge saves on the last two holes, or JT wouldn't have even been forced to go to extra holes. Great finish...
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    I think this will be me except I would put the period after interest and drop the part about watching the nfl.
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    Jay Wright Retires - Coaches Leaving Early a Trend?

    Honestly, I think some of these guys who are getting head coaching gigs at younger ages will start to retire even sooner. I know a lot of these guys are just addicted to coaching and have trouble walking away, but many of these guys have enough financial security for ten lifetimes by the time...
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    News Article: Longhorn player pinpoints their problems

    You would think that they would understand that winning would probably bring more of what they are chasing. Just saying...
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    Good grief, even in basketball I have to watch replay and hear expert Gene give his opinion. I can't take it anymore. I'll check the score in the morning.
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    Alabama: 2021-2022 Season - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Agreed, and that's why I mentioned them taking a break for a while in another post. Oats needs to go somewhere tropical for a week or two and recharge his batteries.
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    Alabama: 2021-2022 Season - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Yes, and we still looked very good at times and made the dance. I think Oats will get the right mix at some point and be really fun to watch.
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    Big, you seem wise already, but you will be more wise if you commit that to memory. You can't count on UT. Roll Tide!
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD Bama V Irish Good Bad Ugly

    Yes, a season that started with such promise turned into a frustrating effort of turnovers, bad shooting, and weak defense. I hope Coach Oats and the guys take a break for a bit and then get back to work to get better next year. Roll Tide!
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    Yes, I have switched over to it. Richmond is up one at the half.
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    Dang, I tried to tune in and watch some B-ball, but they just had a replay and went to Gene Tessitore for his expert opinion. Good grief. Oh well, I tried.
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    Question: Will Anderson Stat: Dominating Pass Pressures In Only 2 Years (no teasers)

    He is an absolutely fantastic football player, and he seems to be a very grounded and likable person, as well. In one video piece that I saw about his family, it seems that his sisters did a great job of helping him keep his head on straight. Having good people in your life helps you remain a...
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    Question: How does Will Wade still have a job? I cant wrap my head around this.*

    You could be right, but I will be shocked if that happens.

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