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    Bama Game Thread: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Bama vs. Vandy...

    I got rid of YouTube TV after the NCG in Jan and have not missed it one bit.
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    Link: Saban explains NCG loss

    This headline bothers me. It sounds like CNS is making excuses and blaming the loss on 3 players. I listened to the clip and that is not at all what I got out of what he was saying. His point was that you never know when your opportunity will come and if you don't do what you are supposed to do...
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    Super Early Predicting ’22 SEC football records (Spring Edition)

    I feel about this team similar to the way I did about the 2020 team at the same time (prior to spring, pre COVID). There several player returning, this year it is the defense vs the offense in 2020. I really am excited about this team in 2022. This team has an opportunity to be special. That...
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    Pick two road games to go to this year

    I planning a trip to Tampa (@ S. Florida) in 2023.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    Xavier Williams declared before the bowls
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    Losing Drew really stinks, especially with our injury issues at that position. Between rotation and injury there is room to play.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL PostGame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, NCG...

    After last night it makes looking back at 2017, so amazing (Tua, Harris, Smitty, Hall, Jerry, and Leatherwood) all stepped in as true freshman for one reason or another, most with minimal "real" playing time earlier in the season. We had no-one last night able to do that. That's not a shot at...
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    Link: Cole Cubelic's Tweet on Bama and Georgia's Defenses

    I really like Matt Campbell and follow Iowa St closer than most. Their QB, Purdy, is very good and for being a senior I think they expected more out of them this year than they got. He was very inconsistent and that was a big part of their problem. As for Cole, I think he is really insightful...
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    Nobody watching the Bloodbath Bowl? (Texas Bowl: K State v. LSU)

    I do not care for LSU, but I do not have the "hatred" for them that others do. I reserve that for that cow college down south and that hillbilly institution to the north. That said I do respect LSU for showing up and playing. They had less players available then NFL teams, and not a single...
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    Thoughts on last nights games and the big one

    We always seem to be able to replace talent but this year we had to replace an inordinate amount of leadership from last year. Of all the team's CNS has had, last year's team was special, a lot of guys came back with one purpose and it showed. This year's team is very talented, but it is...
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    Urban Meyer invents failure

    Trevor Lawrence was the one and only reason he went to JAX. Not knowing any inside issues with either place, just an outsider point of view, I might have to raise you a Detroit Lions organization. They have been doing it a lot longer.
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    If Not Cincinnati, Who Should Have Been Number Four?

    You say that but they are taking up one of four spots. A spot that really should go to another team and it is not fair to that other team whether it be Ohio State or Baylor or whoever.
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    If Not Cincinnati, Who Should Have Been Number Four?

    We were told the goal was to have the four "best " teams. Ohio State is that fourth team, If you wanted to put in Baylor b/c they were conference champs I would be ok with that. OSU had two losses not one. UC had a strength of schedule of 49. Ohio State 3. They do not belong, period. They would...
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama/Memphis - 8pm on ESPN

    I agree, we will be fine, but this one particularly stunk for me. While I have season tickets to football, I haven't seen a basketball game in person since my junior year 89-90. I took my 18 yo last night. That was very disappointing, but that is the way basketball sometimes works, but that...
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    Josh Jobe out for the Season

    Wow hate to see that.

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