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    Pruitt's lawyer threatens fiery lawsuit as Tennessee refuses settlement with ex-Vols coach

    Well I sure hope this and the mess from last weekend doesn't distract them on Saturday...
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    Let's talk about coordinators

    I agree. The NCAA is facing an identity crisis of major proportions. For close to 100 years, the major role of the NCAA was to foster the myth of the "scholar athlete" where the participants of the major college sports were just students that decided to play a sport and then went back to their...
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    CFN: Alabama vs Ole Miss Prediction, Game Preview

    " defense will come through when it needs to." The thought of relying on Pete Golding's defense to come through against Lane Kiffin gives me indigestion.
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    Karen Aw-Shucks Doubles Down On Stupid (Playoff Comments)

    He's right about 17 being too much. If they expand they should go to 8. Include the 5 P5 champs, one champ from the lower conferences (giving the UCFs and Boise States their chance to put their money where their mouths are) and two at large. And then balance it by cutting the regular season...
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    Bad news for Kansas and Les Miles

    This is a very ugly story. I like of liked The Hat for his antics at LSU (the crazy play calling, the creative clock management and the malapropisms and the grass eating thing), but this is beyond the pale. In a well run organization, this would not only be out of bounds, it would never even...
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    BREAKING SCOTUS Rules NCAA Compensation Violates Antitrust Law

    I think it is clear where this is going to end up. The universities are all going to offer a standard scholarship package to the players. And then the players are going to be able to solicit and take endorsement and appearance money from whomever they want. This may even get rolled into their...
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    BREAKING SCOTUS Rules NCAA Compensation Violates Antitrust Law

    This is a disaster. One only need to look back to 1986, when the Olympics dropped the lie of amateurism and admitted their athletes were getting paid. It spelled the end of the Olympics, for sure. The only big losers here are the NCAA and the ADs, who are now going to actually share the...
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    Jags cut Tim Tebow at Tight End...

    Seems to me that a major function of the TE is to catch passes on crossing routes across the middle and then be able to hold on to the ball through the nasty hit that inevitability follows shortly after the catch. You take a beating at TE. And Tebow is not a young guy any more.
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    JessN: A-Day wrap-up: Next-gen Bama has the talent, but will need polish

    How about trolling the portal or the Last Chance Us for a punter? Maybe you could convince a punter at a place like UConn to come to the Capstone and have a shot at winning a NC. Gus routinely found QBs in the Jucos. Surely Bama could find an average punter.
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    20th Anniversaries? How many do we have?

    I joined sometime during the 1999 season - just in time for the dark period of fRAN and the last two Mikes.
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    Big Kat Bryant Bailing on Fourteenesee

    "A lot of rumors that he was originally going to Oklahoma. Enjoy the beaches and pretty girls, Big Cat, that’s about all you’re going to enjoy down there getting back on the gus bus." Pretty girls maybe, but Orlando is smack in the middle of the Florida pennisula. It's at least two hours by...
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    Biggest hurdles in 2021 season?

    It seems to me that many of the Tide's traditionally tough opponents are suffering from self inflected wounds. LSU is suffering from high churn in the coaching staff and in their players. Auburn has a young coach who has no SEC experience and is in for a very rude awakening. And...
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    Which Venue Is The Biggest Dump You’ve Ever Visited?

    "Also when we left the stadium that afternoon we had parked on the street on the west side of the stadium . As we were approaching our cars I was almost in shock as someone had broken the driver side glass in about 15 cars in a row. Fortunately when we came to the intersection he turned right...
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    BREAKING Wow, Sucks to be Boeing

    About 20 years ago, Boeing changed it's mission statement to become the most profitable airplane maker in the business. And an obvious way to increase profitability is by decreasing the cost per unit produced. I think they are harvesting the fruits of that decision now with the 737 Max and now...
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    Gus Bus headed to the Mouse House, baby!

    I think he's a perfect fit for UCF. Mickey Mouse football at the mouse's school.