2020 coaching carousel


Dec 3, 2012
Pretty asinine to have the Pirate anywhere within this list unless it’s p!ssaunt retribution for some of his opinions and offloading players who “didn’t get with the program.” Le Smiles should be #2 or 3 if KU gave a thinker’s dam about CFB and Fuente would be neck and neck with him for getting the hook. Frost, Holgy and Babers are on one-way oblivion tour, they just ain’t been told yet.
Top 10 Coaching Hot Seat as of today:
1. Harbaugh
2. Pruitt
3. Helton
4. Brohm
5. Frost
6. Leach
7. Fuente
8. Babers
9. Holgorsen
10. Miles

The rest: https://coacheshotseat.com/
Who's next to go?
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