Broncos at Dolphins


Dec 1, 2017
Spring Hill, Tn
I recall that game

Yes, its amazing how you remember games, no tv back then , just John Forney and Doug Latham. I had pneumonia and back then even at 16 they put you in the hospital. Thank god for my mom she bought me a am/fm radio soI could listen to the game. VMI was called the gobblers back then. Yes and I agree about Coach Bryant, he said on his Sunday show anyone that wasnt hurt or hurt bad played in that game. We were running the wishbone and to put up 77 with that offense is amazing.
We had about 14 running backs (seriously) then. We had a young man named James Taylor who wore #27, and nothing went wrong that night. Taylor played well. Our RBs were devastating blockers in '70s. When Randy Billingsley blocked a defensive guy....he was out of the play. We didnt always win, but when the OL fired off the ball and the RBs were taking out LBs? Bama was near impossible to beat. Just like Oklahoma back then.

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