How rankings lie.


Aug 1, 2005
These rankings are a group of analysts’ opinions. Are preseason rankings a lie if a team doesn’t meet expectations?
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Actually yes but with the rankings I have given you can check their production or lack there of. Do I believe LSU has a top 25 team no ,does the voters going on a mistaken impression (Lie) believe they are yes.


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Nov 13, 2010
Definition of a lie :
used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression. Can’t spell it out more clearly than the definition.
Well, a lie is sayiying that something factual isn't true. Star rankings are basically opinions or projections on how good the players will be during their college careers. Five star meaning they should start the four years, four stars start three years and so forth...

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Nov 8, 2004
If individual rankings are irrelevant, at both an individual and collective viewpoint, then why worry about recruiting at all?

It is extremely hard to find a data-based argument that recruiting is irrelevant. I can guarantee that 0% of coaches would say that.

If the point is that some (a lot) of 5-stars don't live up to hype, well, I agree. But if rankings are irrelevant, let me have the top 25 every year, and you take random draws. After a 4-year cycle, let's play and see how that ends up.


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Dec 3, 2003
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Don't think it is a lie. A kid can be a tremendous 5* high school athlete whose talent just doesn't live up to the college game. Conversely, a kid may project only as a 2* or 3* and develop in college as a future #1 pick. I think of Terrell Owens, from Alabama, who ended up playing his college game at Chattanooga and is now in the NFL Hall of Fame. That other larger schools like Bama did not recruit him may have been from for both on and off the field issues. However, what an amazing player. The only reason he didn't make it into the HOF on the first ballot is because of small minded media members who had their noses put out of joint because T.O. wouldn't be at their beck and call. There was no denying his high level of play on the field and no domestic abuse, drugs, or criminal activity in his off the field life.