Indictments over Planned Parenthood videos announced


Dec 4, 2011
Hazel Green, AL
I'm gonna get way off the current discussion, and really off the topic of the OP, but in the last 6 months, I put myself in the position to have to take a stand one way, or another on the abortion issue.

In short, I divorced from a 15 year marriage (she left me), 3 years ago. After just existing by myself, for over 2 years, I decided to get back in the dating scene.

I met a girl that shared a lot of the same interests as mine...(I work in the medical field now, and she is an RN). We are both in our 40's, and both have kids from previous marriages, and (I Thought) were practicing safe sex. She told me she was on the Depo Provera shot, and that's supposed to be 99.something% effective.

She also has several health problems (RA, and stage 1 C Heart Failure)

She went to the doctor (across the hall from the office she worked in) having labs drawn, because she had been feeling really bad. They did the full write up, and saw that she was dangerously anemic, and that her HCG levels were elevated. She was told her iron level was so low, that if it dropped any lower, she very well could pass the point of no return and die......but by the HCG levels....You're Pregnant!!!!

How could this be? I asked, 43 and a new baby on the way......WOW!!

I was excited, (and a lil nervous about being there for him/her and being able to relate to their generation).....but then the excitement, turned to concern....

There was this fact that she was dangerously anemic, and the required infusion treatment to help her, dramatically increased the likely hood of the baby developing birth defects, and/or dying at such an early stage of pregnancy.

She declined the infusion, because of the risks to the baby, even though the doctor said she'd likely die if she didn't have it, . They performed an ultrasound and told us that..." Well, it looks like y'all are having twins"!![emoji15].....

I tried to reason with her. "If you die, the babies are dead too...what good is that?...Get the damned infusion!!!!"

Four days later, she had a massive discharge of blood and we figured she had miscarried the babies...At that point, We went straight to the hospital, and had them check, and they confirmed what we expected....We immediately got her infusion takes a little time to get blood results on how well the infusion helped, but she had labs done one week to the day of the infusion.......

Now realize, that she's an RN, and she's friends and colleagues with a lot of the medical staff....A good friend of hers is a doctor that she trusts and is friends with.....She gets a call from her Dr friend, who tells her ...."I've got you set up to see the doc at Maternal/Fetal @ 12:30 today. Don't miss the appointment........My Girlfriend is confused, but figures its to schedule a DNC...

She gets there, and an assistant puts her in a room with an ultrasound....She starts the US, and says to her, " I'll be right back" .....and she goes to get the doctor:....Doc comes in and says....."we don't normally do the 3-4D imaging on women until they are a lot further along than you, but we decided to make an exception".......she turns the monitor around, and there was a third baby that made it through the miscarriage of the other two!!!!!

My GF, takes them several minutes to bring her back around.....

There on the screen was a little human being....not a grainy image of a little blob that they said was an embryo.....I saw fingers, toes..the head....the spots where the eyes should develop....I was amazed!!! It was a little person....and at that stage of pregnancy, was about the size of a kidney bean!!! But definitely distinguishable as a baby human.

But with her health issues, and probably having the infusion (which was 100% needed to save her life)...she miscarried even the last little fighter...[emoji17]

I was on the fence regarding pro-life, or pro-choice....I got into a situation with someone where I could really see a valid reason why someone would get an abortion........but then when I saw that little human being (kidney bean sized)...I come to the conclusion, that the doctors sugar coat what is being terminated during an abortion...The image I saw at around the 8-10 week stage, was already a baby...with moving arms and legs (fluttering like crazy!)....They abort babies many weeks after this stage....when they are way bigger and more developed......but, I digress......

My point is....(being way off topic, but actually on point in the grand discussion)
I believe before any abortion is performed, they do a 3-4D image of the "fetus" to show the mother before she makes up her mind on whether or not the little one she's carrying, is a person, or a blob of tissue......instead of the generic, grainy image of a traditional ultrasound that shows a normal untrained person nothing other than there's a little blob in there.....