iPhone Calendar Question


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Nov 20, 1999
St. Paul, MN, USA
Thanks for the help in advance. I have been using the Google Calendar version of the University of Alabama Official Athletics Calendar (https:rolltide.com/calendar) for years. Now I'm trying to sync that same calendar to the Calendar app on my iPhone without any luck. On my iPhone I've followed the "Add to Calendar" link on the top of the Alabama calendar page to try and Add it but when I chose the Apple option nothing happens. I've gone into the Google Calendar app and found the URL (webcal://rolltide.com/calendar.ashx/calendar.ics?sport_id=0&_=ckon64vz9000144a6j009ekmw ) of the Alabama Calendar and tried to enter this in the Add Calendar option on the Apple Calendar App but the events wont show up in the Apple Calendar App no matter what setting i use. Hoping some of the tech savvy member of the board will know a fix for this. Again Thanks in advance and RTR from the lakes of MN


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Sep 25, 2000
Huntsville, AL
It's been quite a while since I originally subscribed to the UA Athletic calendars, but I just did a test and it worked very easily / straight forward.
1. Just to note -- I used my laptop to link to the calendar
2. I visited RollTide.com and found the calendar I wanted to add
3. I selected Add to Calendar at the top of the page
4. I selected Apple as the calendar service
5. That launch my desktop Calendar app and I was able to add the calendar subscription (along with options to change the title, assign a color, etc.)

I copied the URL that was provided and it looks quite similar to the one that you found (this one is for Rowing):

I'm sure those likely are the steps you completed as well so not sure what's up -- I just wanted to confirm the subscription service works . . .


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Nov 15, 2005
Greenbow, Alabama
Sorry, I can't help, I am still trying to figure out why on Apple car play the same song keeps repeating. I have read and watched YouTube it still plays the same song and will not advance to the other downloaded songs.