It’s “wow things are getting interesting” week in the SEC week. Who ya got?


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May 8, 2010
Re: It’s “ wow things are getting interesting” week in the SEC week. Who ya got?

1) LSU @ Texas. - I think this is going to be one of those games that proves why the SEC is better than other conferences. Sure there are some bad teams but we have more top tier teams than most. LSU

2) BYU @ Tennessee- The loss Tennessee had this past weekend is going to really mess with there heads. Plus they're bad. But for some reason I think they bounce back an win this one Tennessee

3) aTm @ Clemson. - Look, if both QBs play like they did last week this game could be closer than it should be. Mond looked good and made some incredible throws. I can see how an upset could happen. On the other hand I think TL has a better game and I have zero confidence in picking Clemson to lose to a team I think we'd beat by 20. AND then that aTm player had to say they would win. All of that said and despite my better judgement, Texas A&M it is

4) WVU @ Mizzou. - Didn't watch the Mizzou game but heard Kelly Bryant did alright despite losing to Wyoming. Mizzou

5) Nebraska @ Colorado- Nebraska


1) Army @ Michigan. Michigan - begrudgingly. They're going to get upset this year though.
2) Miami @ UNC. UNC
3) Syracuse @ Maryland. Maryland - Syracuse is overrated and I like Locksley enough and I always kinda root for UMD since I grew up in MD.
4) Stanford @ USC. Stanford
5) Cal @ Washington. Washington -I want Eason to be better than Fromm
I used to live at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland as a young boy army brat. I lived there in late 60's early seventies.


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Dec 21, 2017
1) LSU @ Texas - LSU

2) BYU @ Tennessee- BYU

3) aTm @ Clemson - Clemson in a tight game

4) WVU @ Mizzou. WVU

5) Nebraska @ Colorado- Nebraska


1) Army @ Michigan - Michigan
2) Miami @ UNC - UNC
3) Syracuse @ Maryland - Syracuse
4) Stanford @ USC - Stanford
5) Cal @ Washington. Washington


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Apr 13, 2012
1) LSU @ Texas. - LSU

2) BYU @ Tennessee- BYU

3) aTm @ Clemson - Clemson

4) WVU @ Mizzou - WVU

5) Nebraska @ Colorado - Colorado


1) Army @ Michigan - Michigan
2) Miami @ UNC - UNC
3) Syracuse @ Maryland - Syracuse
4) Stanford @ USC - Stanford
5) Cal @ Washington - Washington


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Mar 13, 2001
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I will also add this nugget. It is going to be tough sledding to go through the SEC west undefeated this season. Would not be surprised to see Bama,LSU, A&M and Auburn beat up on each other this year some .I think we could see several games where team A beats B and C but loses to D but yet team D loses to C and B and so on. Just my opinion. Add to this a couple these teams play the Dawgs which certainly is rght there with the top west teams.Should be a very interesting October and November.
LSU, A&M and Auburn cannot keep up with us on offense. So, I don't believe they can outscore us.

I do think we see some games where we give up 20-25 points ..... but none of those offenses can score like we can..... and that's what keeps us undefeated going into the SECCG


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May 13, 2009
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1) LSU @ Texas - I really REALLY want to pick LSU here. Joe Burrow had probably his best statistical game ever last week and their Offensive explosion was surprising even against a cupcake. But.... I'm just still not sold on them yet until they convincingly beat a tough opponent with Burrow looking that good. So I'm picking Texas in a CLOSE game. However IF L8U wins then our showdown with them this year will likely be for the SEC West.

2) BYU @ Tennessee - I want to pick BYU here but they are a BAD team. UT will probably be a dumpster fire all year but they still have enough talent to win this one if CJP hasn't totally lost the team. I'll probably regret this but I'm picking Tennessee in another CLOSE game.

3) aTm @ Clemson - Clemson is going to DESTROY A&M. I pick Clemson

4) WVU @ Mizzou - Man another TOUGH pick here. WVU barely beat James Madison and Mizzou got punked by Wyoming. Still Kelly Bryant had a nice debut for in the Tigers and in a game that might become a shootout I'm picking Missouri.

5) Nebraska @ Colorado- Nebraska still looks like a team in transition schematically/philosophically and Colorado looks like a team that is perpetually rebuilding. This might be that hardest pick this week. I'm flipping a coin here but ultimately going with the home team. I pick Colorado


1) Army @ Michigan - Michigan
2) Miami @ UNC - Miami
3) Syracuse @ Maryland - Syracuse
4) Stanford @ USC - Stanford
5) Cal @ Washington - Washington


Sep 18, 2002
LSU is going to smash Texas at their place.
That's how I see it also. I mean, I know Texas will be fired up at home. They got a huge national perception boost taking out UGA in the Sugar Bowl last season as their "signature win." But we can all attest to being creamed in the Sugar Bowl by a decidedly weaker team after the heartbreak of being left out of the championship game. I look to UGA's game at LSU last year as a barometer. "Not ready for primetime" was the conclusion of that one and I see the same scenario playing out in Austin Saturday for the Horns.

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Dec 11, 2014
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LSU is going to smash Texas at their place.
It can't be ruled out but it would certainly break a trend if it happens. LSU is favored by less than a TD and Texas coach Tom Herman's record is 13-2-1 against the point spread when he is an underdog. If that trend holds then it figures to be a very close game, if not an outright Texas win.


Sep 10, 2000
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1) LSU @ Texas. We don’t know much about either team but I have a feeling Texas has saved a lot for this game, and I’m still unsure Burrows and Oeaux have improved. I got Texas

2) BYU @ Tennessee- neither are good teams, but I feel Tennessee is a lost team and BYU is just a bad team. I got BYU

3) aTm @ Clemson. Since there are a lot on here that believe that aTm has a serious shot this game makes the main menu. I just don’t buy aTm at all. Clemson in a blowout is my pick

4) WVU @ Mizzou. Neal Brown gets his debut against a big boy program. As bad as Mizzou played against Wyoming, I’m reminded that Wyoming’s coach would be a Top 10 coach In FBS had he wanted a big boy job. Then again Neal Brown was going against a big boy program in the FCS in his first game so it wasn’t exactly the same as going against a low level FBS or mid tier FCS. Tricky pick but I’ll go with Mizzou

5) Nebraska @ Colorado- another tricky game but something is saying Colorado. I don’t know if it’s bias or just the purely the status of the Nebraska program. Colorado is my pick


1) Army @ Michigan. Michigan
2) Miami @ UNC. UNC
3) Syracuse @ Maryland. Syracuse
4) Stanford @ USC. Stanford
5) Cal @ Washington. Washington
1) Got to go with LSU much to my son's displeasure being a Horn grad.
2) I simply cannot believe the vles will allow another whooping after the GA State fiasco. Going with the suck egg viles.
3) I expect Clemson to win but not cover the spread. Believe the aggies are prepared to fight to the end.
4) Simply do not have a clue. Missouri should cover but who would of thunk they would get bulldogged by the Cowboys.
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Mar 30, 2001
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1) LSU @ Texas.
I don't think Texas knows how beat LSU but I'm not sure the other is true, either. Tigers' D makes a big play to get the win.
Pick: LSU

2) BYU @ Tennessee.
Two mules fighting over a turnip. Vols want to avenge last week's embarrassment.
Pick: Tennessee

3) aTm @ Clemson.
I'd have a hard time not picking A&M in this game if A) it were at College Station or B) they could have not run their mouth. It's closer than many think, though.
Pick: Clemson

4) WVU @ Missouri.
Pick: Missouri

5) Nebraska @ Colorado.
Also meh.
Pick: Colorado


1) Army @ Michigan.
Man, I really want to pick Army in this one but I just can't. I'd love to be wrong, though! :biggrin2:
Pick: Michigan

2) Miami @ UNC.
How good is UNC and how bad is Miami? We'll find out, sort of - though this might be a squeaker.
Pick: Ball-Out-Belt Copycats (Miami)

3) Syracuse @ Maryland.
Flipping a coin...
Pick: Maryland

4) Stanford @ USC.
USC might come out blazing with an unknown quantity at QB and shock the trees... but I doubt it.
Pick: Stanford

5) Cal @ Washington.
Easiest pick on the board.
Pick: Washington


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Apr 26, 2008
8 winners this week all with 4 right main card picks:


Overall standings: Score on the left of the parenthesis is overall score. score within is the number you got this week.

1)B1Gtide - 4 (2.5)
1)Uafan4life- 4 (2.5)
3) TideEngineer- 3.5 (2)
3) 81usaf92 - 3.5(2)
3) Bamaville - 3.5(2)
6) Tusk-n-raider - 3 (1)
6) HTTR - 3 (1.5)
6) CoolBreeze - 3 (NP)
9) DzynKingRTR- 2.5 (1)
9) Isiah 63:1- 2.5 (1.5)
11) GCtidefan - 2 (NP)
11) ccc2259 - 2(NP)
13) DawgByte - 1.5 (NP)
14) CajunCrimson - 1 (NP)

remember you got 1 point for winning the main card which that number was 4 this week unless I missed a perfect score. Bonus picks were worth 0.5 for each correct.

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