Josh Pate on SEC and Big10 demands (video)


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Dec 8, 2015

It has begun.
Conferences must unite and set NIL and transfer rules! The NZAA can't and wouldn't if they could. The Feds could, but shouldn't get involved. We are left with the conferences making the rules and as long as they abide by those rules everybody gets to play in the big boy sandbox. JMHO


Oct 18, 2022
Problem is even if the SEC and BIG did their own thing the same rules as far as NIL would apply as I understand the situation. I'm losing interest in college football quickly. I have been a life long fan. I have loved Bama as long as I can remember. I spent my childhood watching and listening to Bama games with my dad, but I'm just caring less and less.

If the BIG and SEC set up a reasonable NIL system and the BIG 12, ACC, and some of the group of 5 teams don't the players will just go there and Oklahoma State and Clemson, just for two names to throw out, will be the big dogs now. The players will go where the money flows the most.
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