Josh Pate video on Jalen Hurts Bama or OU


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Jun 26, 2001
Shawnee, OK USA
I haven't watched the video.

I don't care if OU fans claim Hurts but, them acting like Bama fans can't when he played 3 years at Bama vs 1 at OU. Went to 3 national title games at Bama, 0 at OU. If only 1 teams is aloud to claim a player, Bama has far more reason to claim Hurts than OU.

But who cares, both fan bases can enjoy being fans of this guy. I don't get why OU fans have to turn into snobs about it.
Most Sooner fans don't. But the goofy ones ruin the dicussion. Jalen came to Norman because Tua was clearly the starter for you guys. It worked out well for both of us.

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