2020 Prospect: JUCO- Ronald Wiliams JR


Scout Team
Dec 9, 2019
i know surtain wants to play CB and that's important, but with his size and skill set, he would look a lot like minka back there.
Yea I think surtain would be looked at different draft stock wise if he got moved. But on the flip side if he flourishes then all is fine. But on film he’s out there standing flat footed. He covers grass a lot meaning he’s not jumping routes or believing what he sees only reacting not anticipating. Doesn’t seem to have a high IQ or studying film he reacts late to everything. For example whenever it’s 3 by 1 and the offense motions a guy over for a flat defender to cover but you still have help over the top there’s no way they should complete a deep slant right in front of you. But the big thing is ball skills playing the ball in the air. Reading the wr and having a mental route tree in your mind. He plays scared to get beat deep so he gives up everything in front of him. Can’t play corner with that mindset. You gotta be a aggressive to stay in the flow of the game.