Lets get it on record your prediction for the rest of the year. Win Loss?


Oct 19, 2022
Years of experience have lead me to be pretty thick skinned. And I trust my observations. That's another way of saying I'm a know it all. Actually, the older I get the more I'm mistaken. Mainly because of memory. Lol


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May 13, 2009
Mobile, AL
The Bama that played the 2nd half vs Ole Miss, 1st Half Miss State, 2nd Half Tex 8&4, 1st Half Arky can probably finish 11-1 or 10-2 depending on the LSU result.

The Bama that played in the opposite halves of those games probably finishes 8-4 or 7-5.

This team is so erratic and inconsistent I don’t even see how anyone can make a prediction.

Right now I’d make a guess that is an average of those wild swings and say 9-3 with losses to LSU and AU since those seem to be the most dangerous teams left….LSU because they have the best QB and AU because Voodoo.
Wow I actually had a fairly level headed take here.

I was at least right in that LSU and AU would be the toughest obstacles because of Jayden Daniels and the JH Voodoo.

It's kind of funny though that this thread was created at just about the exact moment we started to turn the corner and gel with more consistency as our OL started to improve and Jalen started to improve and Rees started to lean into what our players could do best.

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