Merchants charging extra for credit card usage

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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Merchants charging extra for credit usage

I accept all credit cards in an effort to remove any barriers to immediate payment. It’s a lot less expensive for me to pay the CC fee than to pay an employ and postage to send statements.

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Aug 12, 2002
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Re: Merchants charging extra for credit usage

I use a CC for everything except bills which I pay still with a check. I love the convenience of the card and the awards are good. I always pay them off every month because I don't want the interest. The last time I let one go was in 1989. The pain of paying the CC off was something that I will not forget.


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Oct 13, 1999
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Re: Merchants charging extra for credit usage

There is a small mom/pop restaurant where I live that doesn’t take plastic. Every now and then someone gripes about it on the local Facebook page we have the same conversation we are having here.

Someone posted on there once the city utilities (not sure exactly which one) charges a fee for using a credit card.

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When we visited my daughter and husband in Pralognan, France back in September, we were going to take them out one last night. There is a very nice little restaurant in a narrow little valley called "Prioux," owned by the mayor and her husband. I had notified my bank before leaving as to where I'd be, so my debit card worked fine everywhere. Except this little restaurant. I suppose the oil lamps on the tables should have tipped me off - no net at all, so no working debit card. We had to combine all the Euros we had between the four of us to pay the bill. My SIL, Dominik, had wanted to tip the chef separately but he couldn't. I say the debit card worked everywhere, but it didn't in the Amsterdam airport, where we had lunch in a nice restaurant. Our server, who was very good, brought the card back to me and I apologized, saying it had worked everywhere in the French Alps. He had me accompany him back to the register, so I could seem him try it again. It failed again. He kept insisting that it had to be their machine. I finally prevailed in giving him a credit card. When I got home, I found out why. The restaurant was using an Irish bank. As my bank officer told me - "Mr. Self, you didn't tell us you were going to Ireland"... :D


Jan 4, 2006
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Re: Merchants charging extra for credit usage

Don't have an issue where the merchant passes the actual cost of using a credit card on to the person using a credit card. Mom and pop shops are usually operating on very slim margins and have to watch every penny in order to keep their head above water.