Milroe passing breakdown from Arkansas game


1st Team
Sep 11, 2021
Milroe had some good passes and was fairly accurate with the ball. Most of his passing yards were after catch but I'm sure that'd be similar for Young.
TimeReceiverAir yardsYAC yardsResultCompletion Rate
6:47-2ndLatu60Latu dropped ball0/1
6:20-2ndBond161423 yard gain1/2
3:35-2ndHolden230Little low and behind, incomplete1/3
3:15-2ndGibbs52317 yard gain2/4
2:51-2ndEarle325Catch behind line of scrimmage, 22 yard TD3/5
13:00-3rdBurton230Overthrow or receiver slow on route, incomplete3/6
10:45-3rdGibbs06Jet sweep pop pass4/7
0:30-3rdN/A350Threw out of bounds to avoid sack4/8
14:51-4thBurton560Throw short caused defender to be able to breakup pass4/9

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