2020 Prospect: OL Xavier Hill Decommits from Bama


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Sep 24, 2008
Re: **** OL Xavier Hill Commits to Bama ****

Alphonse Taylor and Brandon green weren't solid contributors? And Bradley Bozeman was a bit more than solid.
I’d say Alfonse played well below expectations. Green’s ceiling was never quite as high, but aside from the opening catch in OT against LSU, I’m struggling to remember a Green moment. Bozeman gave us good years and I’d say probably lived up to what we expected of him. Maybe a little more.
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Aug 12, 2011
Re: **** OL Xavier Hill Commits to Bama ****

Can't disagree with any of that. I guess more than anything, I'm wondering out loud whether this is a product of a relatively weak class of tackles or maybe even the influence of Kyle Flood as offensive line coach. Maybe both. I just can't remember an offensive line class we've signed without a very solid tackle prospect. Not stirring the pot here; just dealing with what's real at the moment.

it's also important to look at the prior year class. in the 2019 class we added 4 OTs. One 5 star, 2 4 stars and one transfer who was a 4 star and early starter at his prior school. We also added 2 4star interior guys so we had a really, really good OL class. For a guy in the 2020 class, he might look at that and see a log-jam of talent right in front of him


Aug 11, 2007
He is a 3 star so I don't know if that is terrible.
Valid point, but stars aside if Saban had accepted his commitment then the 3 star rating might be misleading. On the other hand, maybe Bama has someone else in mind.

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