News Article: The team is literally taking part in a boot camp right now.


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Jun 8, 2017
The more I hear about Oats and what's going on with the program the more excited I get about the upcoming season. I'm already trying to scope out the schedule to see what games I might be able to make this season.


Jul 4, 2009
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He talked about individual players as well, but much may have been on the Coaches show last night. Any way, I'll wait until closer to the season to do a player by player run down of what he said just in case some changes occur. I am sure Bama Mike has much more info and understands it better than I do.
PM me.

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Jul 31, 2001
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Have any of you seen the pics posted on their Facebook page? Coach has begun what will hopefully turn in to a tradition. Everyone, coaches and staff included is going through everything from endurance tests to team exercise to water training. They took a group photo at the end of the day, and most of them looked completely gassed.

Don't be surprised if we see a decidedly tougher team, mentally and physically, this season!

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That would be a very welcome change. I'm really looking forward to basketball season this year. I hope Coach Oats is the real deal that he seems to be, and then I hope that he really likes Tuscaloosa.

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Jan 4, 2011
Just a little insight. Part of the reason he choose us over another high profile school out west is that where he raises his daughters is important to him. He wants a place where he feels is more comfortable with the social atmosphere. I think he'll stay as long as he feels he can recruit on the highest level and he wins. His wife literally said they were not moving again and he replied he better win a lot of games. He is the real deal both as a coach and person.

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