BREAKING Tommy Rees hired as OC


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May 13, 2009
Mobile, AL
This will be a pretty significant upgrade from BoB in terms of Scheming Players open and calling plays that take advantage of what players we have and what they do well.

I'm optimistic that we will see a big improvement on Offense.

We also shouldn't have to scream "Run the BALL!!!" at the TV anymore because we will already be doing it and in the right situations.

Welcome Coach Rees and Roll Tide!!!


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Apr 29, 2002
I think Its a good hire. Keep in mind that they will run the Alabama offense, just with a little Coach Rees flare. I also believe Nick was impressed with how Notre Dame used the TEs, as Nick has made an effort the last 4-5 years to try and develop that position as an offensive weapon. It just hasn’t worked out.
CTR is young, can relate to players and should be a recruiting force With the Alabama name behind him . Plus , it’s a little bit of a middle finger to Baton Rouge’s Dirty Dancer!


1st Team
Jan 12, 2000
Bartlett, TN
Agreed he is not BOB. I will trust CNS in this process, he has earned that. Josh Pate (I know many are not fans) had a good point - Kelly wanted him at LSU and CNS went after him. Those two coaches know a heckuva lot more than I do. Again we will see what happens, but he cannot be worse than the last guy.


3rd Team
Dec 4, 2018
When I watched Notre Dame, I always thought their offenses overachieved with the talent they had, but that's a good sign that the play calling and scheme was strong. This could be a bust, but I have good reason to be optimistic. Welcome aboard coach Rees!

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