What are your top 5 favorite iconic uniforms in sports?


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Jun 9, 2009
Beautiful Cullman, AL
1. Alabama football
2. Notre Dame football (only the standard uniforms. None of the hideous "shamrock" series unis).
3. Ohio State football (only the standard uniform, with buckeye helmet stickers. none of the alternates).
4. Oklahoma football (again, only the standards. No alternates).
5. Oakland/LA/Vegas Raiders

6. Dallas Cowboys (white jerseys, which they wear most of the time anyway).
7. New York Yankees
8. USC Trojans (gray facemasks)
9. Michigan football (its unfortunate, but they do have iconic duds)
10. Pittsburgh Steelers
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Dec 25, 2020
Tough question, I will try to do it by sport.

CFB - Alabama Crimson Tide, runner up Notre Dame Fighting Irish
NCAAB - North Carolina Tar Heels, runner up UCLA Bruins
NFL - Dallas Cowboys, runner up Green Bay Packers
NBA - Boston Celtics, runner up Los Angeles Lakers
MLB - New York Yankees, runner up Boston Red Sox