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    RB Situation

    I was thinking maybe they were going to shut him down for the year to save a year of eligibility, but then other RB injuries piled up especially after last week. So now he's being thrust back into the fray. Just a thought.
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    Blackout game press conference

    Does anybody remember when we played Georgia and leading up to the game they announced that it would be a blackout game for them. Then during the mid week presser prior to the game this is how Coach Saban shows up. ...hilarious. Or am I remembering this wrong
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    A Four Word Quote that Personifies Each Alabama Head Coach

    " a heavy load."
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    World War 2 Nazi intrigue

    "In Hitler's Germany" by Bernt Engelmann and "Voices From The Third Reich,...on oral history." by Steinhoff, Pechel, and Showalter. Both are excellent if you want to learn about the everyday life in Nazi Germany and how ordinary citizens dealt with that evil regime. Some people explain how they...
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    What are you reading right now (II)?

    How do you like Clive Cussler? I have a few books by him that I picked up at the used book store. Haven't read them yet.
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    Pick The Score: Bama vs Ole Miss

    Bama 41 Ole Miss 22
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    Greg McElroy warns about Nick Saban not being jovial, then Alabama coach delivers from top rope

    I like Greg too. And see all this banter between him and Coach Saban as them two picking on each other. no thin skin by either one, as it should be
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    World War 2 Nazi intrigue

    Got a few used books about life inside Nazi Germany from the ordinary citizens
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    New to Tide Fans-First Post

    Welcome and RTR!!!
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    The Jason Bourne trilogy

    I'm starting Identity this weekend. Thanks
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    The Jason Bourne trilogy

    I really enjoyed the movies But has anybody read the original Robert Ludlum books: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum??

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