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    Link: Notes on "The Opening" Event

    Re: The Opening They're not. The runners have to get set in a certain position and once they do they're allowed to take off, which is when the timer starts. I believe it only starts once they're out of the blocks however, not necessarily on "the first move."
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    I'm an aTm aggie: Our up tempo no huddle throw it around offense...

    That type of offense may have success against the middle or bottom tier of the SEC (depending on how good your personnel is) but it won't be very effective against the top teams in the league. Too much athleticism and speed on the top defenses in the SEC for offenses like that to have consistent...
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    QB Connor Mitch Commits to South Carolina

    Re: Connor Mitch I also believe we'll try and get two QBs this class. At least one of them will need to be a very high end talent IMHO.
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    2014 TE Tyler Luatua Updates

    Re: 2014 TE Tyler Luatua Yes and the 2s versus the 2s. The Crimson team was the first team offense and the second team defense, while the White team was the second team offense and the first team defense.
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    2013 Recruiting: QB Max Browne commits to USC

    Re: QB Max Browne Updates (Washington) I don't believe so. I would be extremely surprised if he chose UA. JMHO.
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    CB Artie Burns De-Commits; No Longer Considering Alabama

    Re: *** 2013 CB Artie Burns Commits to Bama *** Better for him (and us) to go ahead and do this now than wait till later if he wasn't truly committed. I wish him well and have zero doubt that we'll find a replacement for him in no time.
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    CB Artie Burns De-Commits; No Longer Considering Alabama

    Re: *** 2013 CB Artie Burns Commits to Bama *** Kareem was a 1st round pick. ;) As for Burns, "you shop, we shop." I'm pretty sure his spot won't be held until the end if he wants to "play the game." It is what it is.
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    Question: EA Sports Online Pass

    If that's the avenue they take then you'd certainly be right. It would seem to make the most sense.
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    Question: EA Sports Online Pass

    It is. The real downfall of places like Gamestop is likely coming with the next generation of consoles, which are rumored to be disc free, meaning you'd pay for and download the games directly from either Sony or Microsoft over the PSN or Xbox Live respectively. The only potential issue I see...
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    'Bama Commit OJ Howard Updates

    Unless we have 1 or 2 guys having breakout seasons this year I think his chances of seeing the field early would be pretty good at UA. He's a potential "difference maker" at the TE position. JMHO.
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    Scout 2013 updated rankings by position

    Take it easy. No one is faulting you for linking an article from them.
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    Scout 2013 updated rankings by position

    It's not you. Of the four major recruiting sites Scout is easily at the bottom of the list IMHO.
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    DE / ATH Robert Nkemdiche decommits from Clemson

    Re: DE / ATH Robert Nkemdiche Updates More like these schools are offering these guys with the hope of getting a shot at Robert if you ask me. I'd call it a benefit of being close to "the man" for those guys. :)
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    Link: Lee Corso calls the 2011 Bama D the Greatest Ever in CFB

    And that was precisely why their fans were on their collective hands and knees praying that Okie State would jump us in the BCS leading up to the BCSNCG. Any LSU fan that says they wanted to see us in that game is either full of it or lying through their teeth.