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    Tony Mitchell busted on weed and gun charge

    Second chance, sure, probably after he's done his porridge and then a turn through JUCO.
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    Alabama announces spring practice schedule, A-Day Game kickoff time

    At last, the end of pre-pre-season speculation. On to pre-season speculation!
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    BAMA Hires Charlie Strong ...

    I've been hoping for this. I really like Charlie Strong, he deserved much better than the situation he inherited at Texas that the boosters created and wouldn't leave him alone to fix. I think he really brings gravitas, he could be DC without missing a beat.
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    So NOW we are in need of an ILB coach?

    Your first-principles defense of integrity is irrefutable. But in the words of Groucho Marx, if you don't like my principles, I have others. It would not take 7 figures for me to explore some of them.
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    Tweet from HaHa on his first day

    Welcome back to T-Town! Nobody said it was going to be a picnic.
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    Alabama: 2/13/2023 Thru 2/19/2023

    There's the easy way, and the hard way. The hard way ends up being easy, and the easy way ends up being hard.
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    BREAKING Kevin Steele hired as DC

    I'm warming to Steele, a bit. He is certainly is very experienced and knows his business thoroughly. He is not "exciting", a "home-run hire", in the way that most fans would appreciate. I'm getting over myself on that. Whatever, he is the guy, let's get to work. And getting to work...
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    Coaching update: Saban hopes third time is a charm for Steele

    Josh Pate: "If you see me in a Camry, it's not because I downgraded from a Merc to a Camry. It's because it's a rental."
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    BREAKING Kevin Steele hired as DC

    Like Grantham this could have been concluded 2 weeks ago; therefore not Saban's first choice. Therefore not thrilled. But it is what it is. RTR.
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    Alabama: 1/30/2023 Thru 2/5/2023

    Very happy for him!
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    OC and DC replacement discussion

    Quoting you, Con, as the earliest use of the word Rees on this forum, according to Mr Google, 24 hours ago. That would include reference to prognosticators like Orr, who, evidently, had no clue as to what is going on inside the program - never so much as a mention.
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    BREAKING Bama ramping up NIL

    They really, REALLY, should have called this "Alabama Does".
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    Coaching search tracker: Alabama assistant coaching searches are exercises in patience

    Here's my objection to Grantham: if he were the best available option, he could have been announced as DC in 5 minutes of work. That Grantham has not, means that Saban is pursuing other avenues, which means he is objectively not the best available. If he gets the job, he is Saban's 3rd, 4th...
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    OC and DC replacement discussion

    Drew DeArmond made some good points this morning. First is that, Saban wants to make a good hire, not a fast hire. Now that recruiting season is done, the next need is spring practice and (he said) it doesnt even need to be settled by then. He added that the longer this goes, the more chance it...
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    BREAKING Bama OC Bill "BoB" O'Brien to the Patriots

    I join with the majority opinion here, but still, a minority observation is that BoB will get no respect for fielding a top-5-ish offense last year, nor much in the way of gratitude for being out recruiting until a couple of days ago. Thank you, BoB, and good luck in your future endeavors.

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