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    Koolaid? Who's this kid?

    I recall my dad talking about that, but for the most part coach Bryant I think probably used golf, swimming etcetera scholarships not basketball. At least that is what I gathered from his stories. I do know coach Bryant supported the basketball team at Bama and coach Newton had some great teams...
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    Link: Stunning CSU announcement bad news for college football in California

    A lot of those men who went and fought in those worlds wars college football careers were forever over. Literally!!! ;) This is not that dire of a situation for sure!!! Thankfully!!! :)
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    Playing TCU in the place of USC.

    Not holding my breath in hopes of college football playing this fall regardless who is Bama's opponent. TCU in all honesty would probably be a better opponent than USC. ;) Works for me if it happens at all!! :)
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    Predict the NCAA decision for 2020 - Part Deux

    There is no doubt in my mind that there will be a second and very possibly a larger wave of the virus this fall. And with combining with the flu season I doubt very seriously a full season will happen. I do think there will be a concerted effort to start the season as scheduled and hope for the...
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    Political Meme - Cartoon Thread...

    Don't forget the opioid epidemic!! ;) Doctors are either directly or indirectly responsible for that!! I knew when I posted my comment about the medical errors I would quickly get corrected but I couldn't help myself lol!!! Yall never let me down!! ;) On a serious note...doctors nearly killed...
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    Political Meme - Cartoon Thread...

    Are these the same doctors that cause 250,000 deaths from medical errors, the third leading cause of deaths after heart disease and cancer in the US every year? LOL!!! ;) I suppose that is why they call it a practice! ;)
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    News Article: NCAA guidelines allowing student-athletes to be compensated for name, image, likeness

    I don't think college players should get anything more than what they get now...or supposed to get! ;) But I also think kids who have no desire for a college degree should have a way to go straight from high school to some kind of developmental league much like baseball and be paid there. Pro...
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    Poll: Predict the NCAA decision for the 2020 season

    I am not sure advertisers would even be able to afford to pay their normal amount either. I could see a pay per view scenario to offset the loss of revenue. No not everyone could afford to pay to watch all the games but I remember well the 3 channel days when Bama played on the tube 3 times a...
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    What the hell are we going to do if there is no CFB this fall?

    The more I think on this the more I get the feeling that if there is no schools in session there will be no sports played, high school or college. Shutting down the schools this spring so early will probably lead to a bigger spread this fall. The big question to whether we have fall school and...
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    JessN: Commentary: How a season affected by Covid-19 might shake out

    I scored high enough to get into UAH in 1980 but circumstances didn't work out for me to get a degree in higher education although I was a stone mason by the time I was 16! I am 58 with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, sciatic nerve damage from bulging disc, neuropathy through my lower...
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    JessN: Commentary: How a season affected by Covid-19 might shake out

    No doubt you are correct. I know many times folks will go to work even when they are sick with the flu or a bad cold. Just know I do have sense enough to know I need to stay home during this pandemic as my wife and I both are at high risk. Heck we were pretty much homebodies even before...
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    JessN: Commentary: How a season affected by Covid-19 might shake out

    At what point do we all stop living just to live?? I mean there are some of us here that may very well have seen our last Bama football game already. At least it was a win against Michigan....but oh lets not forget that loss to the barn and to the Ogre lol!!! ;) I can't help but think about...
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    Poll: Predict the NCAA decision for the 2020 season

    You are most likely correct although we all are hoping for a better outcome. Some parts of the country will probably not be opened up by July 4th while other parts will be pretty much back to business as usual, but the NCAA will not start a season with just some of the areas open and not all...
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    The Eight-Team Playoff Is (Probably) Just Around The Corner

    I think a much expanded playoff, say a 96 team playoff would be the answer for this year especially compared to no season at all. Start the season with Phil Steele's preseason ranking and pit the top seed against the bottom seed all the way down, winner advance till you get to the final 3. Let...
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    To mask or not to mask. That is the question!

    I was told I couldn't wear my mask at Walmart. Don't know why, it fits perfectly!!! ;)

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