Bama beat #1.........are we in?


Nov 4, 2023
Iowa allowed 213 yards, didn't give up a play longer than 17 yards and lost by 26 points. Michigan's 2 TD drives went for 5 and 6 yards. Iowa's offense NEVER gives them a chance. M had the fewest offensive yards per play (3.3) in the Jim Harbaugh era. The last time they had an offensive performance that bad was Brady Hoke against MSU in 2014. Apparently, when they can't cheat with Connor Stallions on the sideline telling their coordinators what play the other teams going to run M goes back to being average at best.


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Feb 28, 2011
The most encouraging thing I have seen is the Heather Dinich predicted rankings.

1. Michigan
2. Washington
3. Texas
4. Alabama
5. Georgia
6. FSU

FSU has a good enough defense to warrant being in, but they are basically a mirror image of Iowa after the Jordan Travis injury.


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Jun 6, 2007
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They don’t think that way, which is to say logically. They look at the number in the loss column and then put you in the playoffs if it’s a 0.
I agree with you but, using there logic…

Then shouldn’t it be Mich, Wash, FSU, Liberty. That’s my problem with the way this committee has been talking about being “undefeated” in recent weeks. If winning all your games matters that much, why is Liberty ranked so low? The committee can’t say “they don’t play a comparable schedule”, because that’s FSU as well.


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Mar 30, 2015
I've seen some people predicting Texas to finish 3rd, and FSU to finish 4th? If you're gonna have a 1 loss Texas jump FSU, then I don't see how you can justify not having Bama do the same thing. If you're gonna put FSU at 3, than fine. They went undefeated, so I get it. But putting Texas at 3 shows that you don't really care about undefeated, so which is it?


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Nov 9, 2023
What would be their logic for putting FSU (or even Washington or Michigan) over Bama? The better record? Well, Liberty has a better record than Bama too...
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Nov 30, 2023
My guess is Michigan, Washington, Texas, Bama
It sucks for FSU and GA but that’s what I think. Really sucks for GA bc they are obviously one of the best teams and would be a huge threat to win it all again. But Bama earned the spot over GA.

If they leave out the SEC then this Playoff will have a huge asterisk on it. Really both Bama and GA are top 4 teams.


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May 13, 2009
Mobile, AL
r/CFB on Reddit is so gross right now.

Just about everyone from every fanbase is admitting openly that the 'Four Best' teams are..

1) Mich
2) Wash
3) Texas
4) Bama

But the 'Four Most Deserving' are...

1) Mich
2) Wash
3) FSU
4) Texas

They also are all openly admitting that FSU will get WRECKED in the Semi's while Bama would be favored vs the field.

The war cry is "Losses matter...FSU earned a semi final beating"

What a bunch of bleeding heart nonsense.

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