Bama vs The Aggies - The Good, Bad, and Ugly


Sep 9, 2001
I blame coach somewhat but these players themselves have to play harder. And when they get down on themselves they're even worse and everyone knows which players I'm talking about. I will be glad when a few of these guys move on. Some of them play when they want to. They win a few in a row and they get the big head and think they can just win by showing up on the court. I'm sure I'll get flamed by that comment. With two games to go to the end of the season you should never lose my almost 20 points at home.


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Jan 2, 2005
Bartlett, TN (Memphis area)
A&M ran clock on most possessions in the second half but also scored on those possessions. There were very few empty trips for them. Alabama could not cover the ball handlers off of the screens.

And the Alabama turnovers giving up points on many of them...Ugh

Alabama had a few bright spots on offense when feeding the ball to a big at the free throw line while the A&M defenders were pressuring the guards out high. The big would then have a good look at passing with the numbers in Bama's favor. This has been done on rare occasions during the season; it is a different way to attack and still find open three-point shooters.


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Oct 25, 2021
Serious question(s)?

Is it really analytics when the other team knows it’s a three or a layup? Is a contested layup better than a wide open pull up jumper?
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Jul 23, 2004
Serious question(s)?

Is it really analytics when the other team knows it’s a three or a layup? Is a contested layup better than a wide open pull up jumper?
If our guys would go strong and draw contact with a foul, yes. These guards rarely drive looking for contact. You can also credit the refs on some nights as it seems they refuse to call contact when Alabama drives.

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Feb 3, 2011
Absolutely terrible home loss. Anyone thinking that this team is going to make a late season or tournament run is dreaming.
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Jan 3, 2014
Just got back to the hotel and saw the score. Looks like a night on the town was a better call than staying and watching the game. Had a bad feeling about tonight. Oats seems to really struggle against coaches reputable for being good game managers, which BW is. He's still figuring out how his style can work in the top P5 league. Pearl went to Auburn with huge street cred and it still took a while to get them in the FF and #1 ranking. Haven’t read the blog yet but I can presume the game went something like this: close game first half, we made dumb passes, missed shots, but played decent defense and had the close lead…but probably wasted the last possession with JQ dribbling for 20 seconds then dribbled into traffic, got mauled, no call, or threw it away; second half, A&M came out guns blazing, hit shots they haven’t hit all season, refs swallowed their whistles when we went to the rim, we played no defense, made more stupid passes, and the deficit got so big, the team quit. That’s what happens to a team with no alpha leader, who can will a team to a big comeback or multiple close wins. No way this team has 11 losses with Sexton on it. He and 2 others almost came back and beat Minnesota 3 on 5 the last 11 min of the game.

Not upset about the game, losing by 1 or by 19 is a loss either way, but the margin - at home - elicits concern with both the players and coaches, not good heading March Madness. This may (hopefully) be a UCLA situation. Expect a loss to LSU on Sat. Might land us as the 7-9 seed in the SECT and another loss to LSU, Miss St, or A&M. Heading into NCCAT with 4 game losing streak and likely 8-9 seed. UCLA had play-in game as an 11 but we have an historically strong SOS. This team could catch lightning in a bottle like the Bruins did, or lose in the first round. We don’t have the skilled big men they did so likely the latter outcome. Not being an eyeore, this team has some issues that can‘t be ignored and staff has gotten outcoached by inferior teams. We may not live up to our top 10 pre-season hype but the program is still in great shape. Back to back tourneys for the first time in a long time. A top 5 recruiting class coming in. Some ’personalities’ moving on. Oats will have a chance to re-evaluate his schemes and approach, like Saban has done many times. Three years in, there are some negative trends that have to be addressed. Coach has said as much, now it’s up to him to make the necessary changes. I trust he will. Roll Tide!

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Jan 17, 2007
Killen, AL
There’s just not enough consistent effort and want to on this team. A&M was the first on the floor for every loose ball. That effort is usually rewarded in basketball and was tonight. Bama is just not tough enough mentally when the other team is playing extremely hard and physical like A&M.


Nov 22, 2006
Blakely, Georgia
I didn't get to watch this one. I told a good friend and fellow alum a few weeks ago that I wouldn't be disappointed when the season's over. It just has gotten to the point where we made the tournament, let's see what happens there and then just turn the page on this team.


Jul 17, 2011
Ardmore, AL; too close to 10erC
Didn't post last night 'cuz I don't want get banned or exiled.

In the infamous words of Jerry Reed "When you're hot you're HOT, when you're not you're NOT!"

This group is not a team. It's a collection of talented players without a floor leader.

All I wanna do now is got to Baton Rouge and flush WW down the drain of that cesspool.


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Mar 13, 2001
Breaux Bridge, La
Ironically. In the NET this morning we jumped from 22 to 21. Resume is basically unchanged.

On paper, that was the last meaningless game we had. The LSU game on Saturday will be wild. I expect them to come out blazing.

We keep looking at Hoops with Football eyes. Not even remotely the same.

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