I hope everyone learned! (preachy post about fans)

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May 7, 2010
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Not sure why fans "who didn't believe" are being chastised. It's football, not religion. That one lacked faith in Alabama's or Saban's success is not heresy or sacrilegious. Hind sight is 20/20. Maybe you held "your faith" and you happen to be right. Disagreement about the trajectory of this team and discussing it may be fanatical, but fanaticism shouldn't be confused with religion. So, those that didn't see it your way haven't learned anything, cause there's nothing to learn.
As one who thought Milroe had Vince Young potential after game one and still thought so when time ran out in the Texas game, I agree with this completely!

My prediction was right on the basis of pure luck and a couple of observations I wanted to hang my hat on. I could have easily been completely wrong and the Milroe "haters" could have just as easily ended up right.

No time for victory laps. Let's march forward together and get two more dubs!
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Feb 24, 2017
My policy is never critique the fans. They may deserve a. Tounge lashing on occasion but remember without them all sports are nothing, even our beloved boys in crimson. They provide the money, resources, and most importantly the passion that fuels our favorite sport. The great thing CNS understands is this is the ultimate team sport, with everybody being part of the team. Can BAMA prosper without my fandom, absolutely, without all of yours, no. A Great run like ours this many years has been a collaborative effort. Hopefully we all can bring one more home.We are all part of the process.
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Oct 29, 2023
How many teams are better than they were last year? Maybe the question should be substantially better. We are better because our defense was so bad last year. I predicted we would win the SEC immediately after we lost to Texas. A couple of my friends thought I was delusional or finally lost it in my old age. I based that opinion on the SEC teams not being as good a last year. I knew our defense would improve and I thought we would find a quarterback other than Milroe. Man was I wrong about Milroe. I really like what this team is all about and he is a huge part of that.
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