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Oct 4, 2005
Anchorage, AK
Re: 2009 Pickem - Week 01

DeaconBlues - re-check your picks. I (meaning the computer) have you down as picking OSU & PSU. Is this incorrect?

Navy & Akron & UTn were winners vs spread. I'm re-running the program now. (UTn game results were switched in my program so I've corrected now). However, the other games appear to have been correct to me. Anyone with a differing opinion (after re-checking your picks)?


Thanks for replying and for asking. Seemed incorrect. Or so it certainly did.

I thought for sure I picked Navy and Akron (with some uncanny notion that PSU and OSU wouldn't cover that point spread.)

I made a Word copy of my picks as I always have. I re-checked them, once again, immediately after reading your question here......

I've been totally fooled, and thus made a bigger fool out of myself in public! ARGHHHHH!!! My BAD!......Then I see how the Word copy allowed me to apparently mis-read.

However, I did randomly scroll down through the results list of Week 1, spot-checking who was credited for Navy and/or Akron. There was definitely some inconsistencies.

In other words, some folks who had picked Akron and/or Navy may or may not have been credited for them from keeping PSU or OSU from beating the spread. (Then).

Now? I simply cannot find nary an inconsistency as I did before??????

Heading over to the lost and found, searching for my *$@&)"! mind

Thanks Brett, and my apologies!

(I've got a craggy old rock to crawl under now!)
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Jan 28, 2005
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Re: 2009 Pickem - Week 01

Where did the week 2 entries go?
From a post on another thread:

Note to self: never post a pickem contest the week you are moving 1000 miles away and have limited internet access during packing & moving.

Ok...by executive order of me due to problems I inadvertently created this week (ie no password, etc), I hereby declare the week 2 pickem null and void.

I'm sorry about the screwup on my part and will have the week 3 straightened out Monday.

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