Tyler Harrell commits to Bama


Sep 27, 2016
Cobb County GA
Great addition, just like the others who transferred to Bama in the past few months.. I hope they all stay injury free. I think Coach will get a TE and possibly another OL in the portal if there is room for both. The O line has got to be better than last year... need to keep our QB's healthy, especially Bryce.


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Feb 22, 2017
Watched his highlights a few times now. He really is FAST. I could believe he's faster than Jamo.

Hopefully he can bring even 75% of Jamo's production

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Nov 8, 2004
This is what happens when Coach Saban asks if this is what we want college football to be.....
He’s done that twice now.

First was when the rules changed, and (1) allowed OL 3 yards downfield on passing plays — I know, I know….it’s more like 5 - 7 the way it’s enforced — in combination with (2) calling DPI when the DB breathes on the WR, resulted in “basketball on grass.” Saban didn’t like it, asked if that was what we wanted football to be, and tried to get the OL downfield rule reversed. Succeeded with the coaches, but presidents didn’t approve, and we have what we have.

So Saban adapted to the new reality better than anybody else, and kept on kicking the rest of CFB’s teeth in.

Now, he’s questioned whether we really want the combination of (1) transfer rules having the effect of unrestricted free agency in college football, and (2) being able to legally buy players.

He adapted again, and is using the new rules better than anybody else.

The rules were ostensibly designed to help the lesser programs compete. But the truth is they were designed specifically to keep Alabama and Saban from domination. It’s an irony sweet enough to rot your teeth that they’ve had exactly the opposite effect.

On a related topic: All CFB teams have boosters, and donors with deep pockets. But only two have de facto owners: Oregon and Phil Knight, and UTe and Jimmy Haslam. OSUw also fell into this category until Boone Pickens died. I do worry that, having unfettered access to Nike and Pilot Fuel’s essentially unlimited corporate treasuries could make those programs unbeatable in the new world of college football.

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