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    No Profanity — How many times do we go over this?

    Indubitably my good fellow ;)
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    Alabama, Future Scheduling Thread

    This is from 2018???
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    Some folks around here simply embrace the feeling of being “all tied up in knots inside”…. ….while some get their jollies trying to get others all twisted up (some blatantly…and some in a more benign manner)
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    A nutritional health question to the medical people

    I usually catch the faint scent of “patchouli oil” when I’m in the presence of these people. ;)
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    Could the SEC stage its own college football playoff? It's all on the table at spring meetings.

    The SEC continues to dilute its own product…and the rest of the conferences are more than happy to allow them to do so. (the diluted product being the result of a much tougher schedule for all member teams than any other conference) The injuries (major and minor) that occur to every team...
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    Dive bombing hawks/ birdwatching

    Like seagulls behind a shrimp boat
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    Gene Chizik to coach Birmingham USFL team.

    And if the real thing don’t do the trick… …you better make up something quick. You’re gonna burn, burn, burn, burn burn it to the wick…
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    Gene Chizik to coach Birmingham USFL team.

    Maybe tA&M boosters will throw millions in NIL money and buy themselves another team… …why stop at just one???
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    2nd choice was “Smacdat Booty” 3rd choice was “Chase Nathaniel Booty” aka Chase N. Booty 4th choice was… … … …I can keep going all day 😆
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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    Don’t forget the word “PAYED” that he also used… … LOL
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    Saban going scorch Earth good luck College football

    Sooooooooooooo… I’m wondering what Coach Saban said that every other football fan and coach in the entire country (outside of College Station, Texas) hasn’t been saying since national signing day????? Jimbo is such an ignoramic doofus for going on that drunken tirade…ranting and raving about...
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    Agiye Hall gone

    It’s being reported he originally thought that Bevo had an udder upon which he could continue his practice of “suckling”…just as he’s always done. “It’s a habit which I first started when I was an infant,” Hall stated. He went on to say, “My Mommy and Aunties always protected me, saying that I...
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    For those around here who didn’t see this the first time…
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    Jerry Jeudy Arrested In Colorado (update: all charges dismissed)

    This is not the way of the self-anointed judicial arm of the interwebz
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    Lots of panty-twisting & people‘s feelings being wadded-up-in-knots around here. Why in the world do any of you believe that another human being should be doing anything based on your own personal thoughts, beliefs, expectations or timetable? Any one of you (put in his shoes) would expect to be...

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