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    Hello. New here

    Welcome. Just realize there are above average Eeyore and Chicken Little posters right now since we didn't make the playoffs this year. What you're seeing in recent days is definitely not the norm. Enjoy - ROLL TIDE!
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    National Transfer Portal news

    Heard on JOX there were windows now. Found this: The new rule creates two transfer portal windows in college football and other sports: 45 days "beginning the day following the championship selection," and a 15 day period in the first two weeks of May at the end of spring practice, May...
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    Recently I've been thinking about the reason(s) PG & BO'B are still at Bama. Here's a couple conclusions I've drawn. (NOTE: I have been accused of over thinking to a fault at times) 1 - CNS appears to have lost some intensity. Is he in fact getting tired as some have eluded? Do potential...
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    BREAKING Sugar Bowl: Kansas State vs Alabama

    Well, based on the Chicken Little - Eeyore responses so far guess I’ll check in closer to game day. Yeah, I’m disappointed in the way the season has gone and I’ve had my over reaction moments having to walk back a couple frustrated comments but DAYUM! Some of y’all need to turn in your fan cards.
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    No way tcu is better than Bama with a healthy Bryce Young. If the committee's job is to get the best 4 teams, they have to put Alabama over tcu.

    Well, I’m disappointed but definitely not surprised. We lost 2 really close away games and whistled by the graveyard on a couple others. Yeah we’re probably the better team right now with a healthy Bryce and likely favored over the 1 loss playoff teams but we all knew the committee wasn’t gonna...
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    Game Thread: Big XII Championship Game: #10 Kansas State vs. #3 TCU 12/03 (ABC @ 11:00 CT)

    Well, my thinking TCU is this year’s version of Cincy, only weaker, is confirmed so far.
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    Game Thread: PAC12 Championship | Utah vs USC (FOX @ 7p CT)

    Don’t know that I’ll be watching but I’ll be score checking if not.
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    Game Thread: PAC12 Championship | Utah vs USC (FOX @ 7p CT)

    Stick a fork in it!
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    New member

    Welcome aboard. Make sure to express your opinion on our current coordinators and potential replacements! ;)
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    National Transfer Portal news

    New recruits comparable to those you've mentioned are rare. Few and far between. We were spoiled with the names you've referenced above along with Devonta, Jamo, Ruggs, Metchie, etc. If it were easy to identify and pull in dominant freshmen, we'd have them on the roster, and they wouldn't have...
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    National Transfer Portal news

    I disagree. If there were a plethora of available transfers, we wouldn't have struggled so mightily with O-line and receivers this season. Yeah, Tyler Harrel was injured, but really, where is he physically at this point or is it a mental thing? And why has Burton not been what most...
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    National Transfer Portal news

    The "Storm" is upon us!

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