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    5* DL Lebbeus Overton Announcing in April

    Not exactly sure what you mean by "keep going", but I'll simplify for anyone trying to get things twisted... the point was that several here seem to think that it's some sort of detriment to the Ags to be signing so many 5 stars... My thought was that we would be very happy were we to pull in...
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    5* DL Lebbeus Overton Announcing in April

    2022 TexAgs signed 8 five-star, Bama signed 3, so I'd have to say the answer to your question is, no.
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    What are you listening to (Music) III

    Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits, their first release, 1964. Noone was 17 years old. It reached #13 in the US, #1 in the UK. This band doesn't seem to get much respect, but they did sell 60 million records with 14 gold singles and 7 gold albums.
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    5* DL Lebbeus Overton Announcing in April

    Yep. His methods may be pretty dubious, but otherwise, wouldn't Bama fans pretty ecstatic if we were raking in these five stars that Jimbo is getting?
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    What are you listening to (Music) III

    An obviously live performance of a 1968 hit for the First Edition
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    What are you listening to (Music) III

    His first charting song as Kenneth Rogers.
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    Auto lovers - what's your ride? (post pics)

    My second car was a (Mercury) Capri, the sexy European. It was my first manual transmission. I learned to drive it when I went to a dealership and took one out for a spin. It took a minute to get the hang of it, especially, on the first incline we encountered. The salesman was a bit...
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    Question: Jury duty

    I've been in a jury pool 3 or 4 times, selected once to serve in a civil trial. I recommend the experience, if you have never been there. It was quite an education in the judicial process. Sitting with the other pool members, listening (not eavesdropping, could not help but hear conversations)...
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    Today is National Vietnam War Veterans Day

    I'm envious! I hope one day to own a home where I can erect a flagpole in the front yard.
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    Tyreek Hill to the Fins

    Maybe now Tua can really show his stuff.
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    What About Those Auburn Tigers?

    The barn goes down hard. REAL HARD! I have to say, I LOVE it!
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    Grounded Ship blocking Suez Canal in both directions

    Definitely deserve at least a stern talking to!

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