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    2022 elections thread

    The day before the election, he was confusing the House and the Senate. The repubs almost got themselves a puppet...

    Trump Deeds and Misdeeds V 5.0

    How many banks will lend to a felon?

    Russia Invades Ukraine, part XI

    Particularly since they appear to have used up all their T-80s and T-72s and were well into their their fifty-year old T-62s, those that weren't missing too many parts. I'm not sure any of their T-14 Armata super tanks ever made it into combat. I think they mostly existed on paper, like their...

    Russia Invades Ukraine, part XI

    He's already done a lot of damage to the entire world order. One thing I can't understand is why we don't supply them with armor. In the beginning, it made some sense in not being escalatory and forcing Putin to call our raise. That no longer make any sense. I can't think of anything more Putin...

    2022 elections thread

    Same thing here. Mine mostly ask for money. The last one was from Warnock. Years ago, I made the mistake of making a small contribution to a VA congressional race, in the county where my daughter lived. That started the flood...

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs SDSU - Sat Dec 3 - 7:30 SECN+ I

    If so, I'll scorch the monitor screens... :)

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs SDSU - Sat Dec 3 - 7:30 SECN+ I

    I'm here and they'll be nice...

    Musk acquiring Twitter...

    For non-history buffs, Julius Streicher published an anti-Semitic rag in Germany from the earliest days of Nazism till the end of WWI entitled "Der Stürmer ". Anglin just added "Daily" to the title...

    Russia Invades Ukraine, part XI

    This is a Cooper article explaining how the Russian air force is run. It discusses the absurdly extreme centralization of control by their MOD... Tom Cooper on RF air force
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    Alabama fans no longer with us who looked forward to this day?

    My dad, who died in February, 1958, when I was a freshman at UA. The last thing he said to my mother was "Alabama's going to be all right. Coach Bryant is coming home"...
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    Florida QB arrested on child pornography charges

    I really hate to say it but there's really not any help for that condition...
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    Russia Invades Ukraine, part XI

    I read a short article a couple of days ago, by a Ukrainian, saying basically that the struggle for independence from Moscow was a least three hundred years old. That it was the Muscovites who decided on their own that they were the inheritors of the original ancient Rus of Kyiv, self-nominated...
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    News Article: Leaving & Staying: What Alabama Offense Might Look Like Next Season

    We were about to lose him to transfer, which probably also affected PT...
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    Dark Brandon’s Policies IV

    Same sex couples still shouldn't have to travel to distant states. Interracial shouldn't either, for that matter...

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