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May 25, 2003
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Based on this early data, it appears the telescope will exceed its predicted performance by a factor of 10. It should be able to resolve a planet one-third the size of Jupiter at 100 AU from a sun-like star. A planet like Neptune should be visible at 100-200 AU from a red dwarf. In the nearby Alpha Centauri system, Webb should be capable of seeing a planet just five times the radius of Earth between 0.5 and 2.5 AU. It was a rough ride, but all the years of work on the JWST are paying off.
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Mar 12, 2012
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Provided you've had your birthday for the year in question, the year of your birth plus your age is always the current year.

It's just simple arithmetic and is true for everybody every year.

There's nothing special about 2022 in this regard.

Darn! I thought I had discovered a Nostradamus like phenomenon. :)
You make perfect sense 4Q. I feel somewhat stupid.


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Oct 19, 2001
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Something Cool Is Happening to the Frogs at Chernobyl

A group of Spanish zoological researchers wrote in The Conversation how they became intrigued by strange, black-tinted Eastern tree frogs found near and around the Exclusion Zone, since the critters are usually a snazzy lime green.

In 2016, after the first swarthy amphibian was found, the team out of Spain's University of Oviedo and the Doñana Biological Station decided to study the Eastern tree frogs. They found that critters in the preserve now range in coloration from pitch-black to forest green, as images from the researchers show.

They found that in the 36 years since the tragic accident at Chernobyl, the Eastern tree frogs in the regions surrounding the now-abandoned nuclear reactor seem to have undergone a sort of rapid evolution that caused them to develop more melanin in order to withstand the heightened and prolonged radiation from the disaster
Something Cool Is Happening to the Frogs at Chernobyl (

Similar to the Peppered Moths of Britain
Peppered Moths: A Natural Selection Case Study (


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Dec 17, 2003
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Killer whales taking down great whites off South Africa…
Apparently when one GW is killed the rest skedattle on outta there
Killer whales are like serial killers to great whites. They kill them and only take the liver like a psycho.

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