It's shockingly expensive to attend a game at BDS


Jul 19, 2006
I've had season tickets since Franchione. Obviously, the tickets are expensive. But, I guess I'm surprised about how parking and concessions are squeezing my wallet. First come first serve parking is harder and harder to find, even 6-7 hours before kickoff. So much of it is reserved now. And because I have a friend who hosts a tailgate, I hadn't visited a concession in a few years. Holy $ 10 Hot Dogs, Batman - are you serious ? And they sold out of them near me by halftime ? I don't see how middle class folks can afford to go very often. I'm fortunate and I realize that - but wow, it's so different these days.


Jul 26, 2006
We used to have season tix but had to give them up several years ago. Was costing too much, couldn’t go to the games any longer and it became harder and harder to sell them for what I had in them. My son went to a game a few weeks ago. Spent $21 on BBQ Nachos and a drink. All I can say is that they better make their money now because I’m this economy fewer and fewer people will be spending that kind of money for ballpark concessions.
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Feb 12, 2006
My son wanted a lemonade last night. I said Okay, gave him $10 bill he came back with $1. Apparently beer and lemonade cost the same in BD now. The rest of the concessions have gone through the roof too. A conecuh hot dog cost $10.

I have been a loyal ticket holder since 98. But thus season going cashless and introducing beer to the concession experience, I have yet to make it through the concession line without missing virtually all of the 2nd qtr.

The whole excursion is getting absurd.

Lucky Jack

Sep 23, 2022
I forget which concession it was, but one had nachos for something like 14.99! 14.99 for nachos?!?! If I wasn't for my employer providing a few tickets here and there, there's no way I could afford to attend a game.


Oct 18, 2008
Hunts Patch
For the Vandy game, I was able to park for free in the square around the courthouse, although it is a 15 minute walk from the stadium. And you can carry in an empty clear plastic water bottle, and drink from the water monsters for free.

But yes, hotdogs are are ripoff. We bought 3 of the lowest quality hotdogs and a tiny box of popcorn - $6 each - $26 including taxes.


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Sep 1, 2019
We had season tickets during Dubose through to Shula. Just became too much with the driving from Mobile.

I get my live football attendance now going to the some local high school games. Otherwise I dont really miss it.

Last game I attended I dont remember anything but getting mashed against the iron fence from the mob leaving all at once.

With inflation going crazy, I can't imagine ever going to a live game again.
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Aug 8, 2011
Birmingham, AL
Last game I went to in person was 2015 LSU in Tuscaloosa. My son came up from Baton Rouge that weekend with his LSU friends and I met them there.
I had started traveling frequently in my job at that time. I had reached the point where the last thing I wanted, after bouncing all around the country during the week, was to go somewhere on a Saturday morning. And additionally, it was pinching the wallet significantly.
I’ve had plenty of tickets offered in the last 6-7 years. I‘ve just resigned myself to the idea dealing with traffic, crowds, and inflation is built for others now, not me.


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Jun 6, 2007
Montgomery, Alabama, United States
Went to a cupcake game last year and concessions were ridiculous. We spent $90 for lunch. That’s for chicken strips, fries and sodas for two people. $90 for 2 people! Not to mention they were already running out of stuff and this was the 2nd quarter. I don’t understand that, they do 6-8 games a year and can’t figure how much food they need. This was a cupcake game so not even a packed house.

Not to mention I missed almost the whole quarter standing in line. It’s not like the line was 100 people deep, maybe 25-30 but still took forever. That also makes no sense. It’s a horrible experience. Instead of spending money on more luxury boxes or seats, they need to spend money on making concessions more convenient and easily accessible. And stock enough food!!!

The person who gave us the tickets last year is offering them to us again this year but, I’m not sure I want to go because of the concessions prices and experience. He said next year they hope to add some option to their tickets that includes food before and after the game. I’m not sure what’s he’s talking about.
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May 9, 2000
East Point, Ga, USA
Falcons games have cheap concessions. I am guessing the concessions at BDS are privately run?
at least as recent as the 2019 season, you could get a coke and hot dog for $4 at the benz at an atlanta united game. i remember hearing when it opened that they were going to make concessions reasonably priced. they have several good food and beer options as well and i don't recall them being ridiculously expensive


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Feb 12, 2001
Charleston, South Carolina
The Zones are always a great option that eliminates all of what I’m hearing…
My oldest son took us to the Utah State game -- sat in The Zone with all the food you could want. Would not tell me how much he paid, but I think the tickets were out of sight. We had a great time...but I could not go on a regular basis. I feel for all the kids who will never have that experience...

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