What's the best annual SEC game most years that doesn't involve Alabama?


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Mar 31, 2000
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I think that is probably correct since there was 0 excitement over hiring Gene Stallings.

There was an assumption at the time that if we offered Bowden the job, he'd take it.

We really blew it in 1987. I recall the day Curry got hired - it was total shock. Stallings was a bit of a shock - but mostly because I wanted Bowden. A lot of the "old guard" was happy with Stallings being the choice.


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Jul 21, 2010
I pull for GA in that game. I can understand why you wouldn't.
UGA has become an enemy, especially with what Kirby pulled when he left. I can't watch any game with the barn in it as they generally bore me to death with that great offensive system they have.

As for the question, I'd say probably UGA vs UF.


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Jun 9, 2009
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UF-UT was it during the 90s. It doesn't have the same luster today.

UGA-AU has always been fun. Yes, I used to love seeing Auburn lose and my favorite has to be the 4 OT game way back in 1996. But these days I hate UGA about as much as AU.

UF-LSU has also always been a lot of fun. I can't remember the year, seems like it was 1997, but they spanked Spurrier and Florida when they came in ranked #1 (Sorry Bazza). Of course, that was during the DiNardo era so LSU found a way to screw it up later in the season.

Of course UF-UGA. I pull very hard for Florida these days.

Back in the Houston Nutt/Les Miles era, LSU-Ark was great. I think they ruined it by moving it off that Black Friday date, but I realize with conference expansion, it sort of made sense.

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