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    Falcons sign AJ McCarron.

    Never really understood his treatment by nfl teams. If you were to listen to sports talking heads there is a dearth at qb position in the league. Cousins; AJM better. Da bears; could have used a qb as good as AJM. Jets: give me a break. Eagles, Panthers, Pats, seriously? Denver certainly could...
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    Bryce Young's height

    Russell in Sea
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    Poll: How many more National Championships for Saban?

    One more and he walks
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    Better job: Notre Dame or Texas?

    Except it's too cold to live up there in Indiana.
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    Dabo keeps talking trash about Ohio St

    He played 9 though, right? half again as many as the buckeyes
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    Dabo keeps talking trash about Ohio St

    ND also a complete soft schedule. Heck, even the b1g always plays a soft schedule, too. Dabo is saying any team that has to play twice as many games has more players injured/dinged up/hobblin' and such. The osu theoretically has fresher, healthier players than teams that played more snaps, more...
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    Question: Should players stay on campus or go home for Christmas?

    They already announced they will postpone playoffs in that event
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    AAC commissioner: "bring back the BCS"

    Best summation of our current situation. I agree 100% that they DO NOT Belong.
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    Status of Sopsher

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    Status of Sopsher

    He was injured early on and is still not on the depth chart, and not having found anything on him, I was hoping someone could help an old guy out. He was Beast coming in and I had expected he would be a regular rotation by now. Anyone?
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    Poll..Do you think there will be football this fall?

    Stats yesterday was that 50% of cases are under age 35. The large majority of those will be cast off the virus by their relative strength of their immune system. Problem is they are spreading the virus. I voted yes but now am being persuaded by new alarms of a lot of propaganda being pedaled by...
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    Koolaid? Who's this kid?

    Keith Holcomb SP? Football, linebacker, special teams. Baseball, outfielder. Left Football in senior year to concentrate on baseball, I believe. About 3-4 years ago.
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    2021 Prospect: 4* WR Jacorey Brooks commits to Bama

    Amazin! CNS in control. The smart ones realize they will get the development here. RTR! Welcome, Mr. Brooks!
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    2021 Prospect: **** 3* DL Anquin Barnes commits to Bama ****

    Welcome, Mr. Barnes. RTR!

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