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    Alabama Earns NCAA Postseason Berth in Ruston Regional

    They had a Tornado come through campus two years ago and destroyed the Soccer, Softball and Baseball fields. Then Covid hit while they were building the new ones so this is the first year they are open. It only seats like 2,200 people but there honestly aren't any bad seats and parking isn't...
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    Alabama Earns NCAA Postseason Berth in Ruston Regional

    I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday.
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    Alabama Earns NCAA Postseason Berth in Ruston Regional Here is a list of places to eat for those coming to Ruston. Also the local Dairy Queen is donating a 1$ for every a frosty they sell to the Athletic department. It’s a quaint little town and there is plenty of good food but it...
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    News Article: D1 Baseball has Bama in a regional.

    I’m a Bama Grad who also went to Louisiana Tech so this regional is gonna be a dream come true. I hope to see plenty of you there. If you got any questions or need some suggestions please let me know.
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    B1G Football & Fall 2020 Sports Postponed to Spring 2021

    I just read this article and it makes a point. Nebraska just isn't Nebraska without Texas players. They also added a quip about maybe Arkansas going to Big12 too. WTH??
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    Question: Has college football always been entertainment driven?

    Sport exist to exercise our inherent aggression without blood shed. We divide ourselves into factions and symbolically fight it out on the field. Being a Bama alum in Louisiana is the equivalent of being a foreigner in a strange land.
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    Oregon Ducks need to join USC and put Pac-12 Conference on notice

    Biggest mistake Miami ever made was leaving the Big East. They had a fiefdom with limited competition and strong markets.
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    AL.COM reports Dan Enos lands new

    I wish Coach the best of luck in his future endeavors, but I wasn't completely convinced he would be the right fit for us long term at OC.
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    Oregon Ducks need to join USC and put Pac-12 Conference on notice

    Quick question. How is Notre Dame relevant in the everyday football conversation? I personally believe that when it was guaranteed a dedicated network in NBC, that would drive the conversation about ND football nationwide. Now with the advent of the SEC Network, ACC Network etc... Large...
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    Tua expects full medical clearance March 9

    Go get em Tua! Roll Tide!!
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    Quinnen Williams arrested at La Guardia after trying to board a plane with a gun

    The same thing happened to Barry Switzer when he was coaching the Cowboys. Its a common mistake, believe it or not and concealed carry permit holders have to be very mindful.
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    Oregon Ducks need to join USC and put Pac-12 Conference on notice

    The problem I have with the fate of the Pac12 is that its failure is largely due in part to USC's inability to compete at the highest level. Nothing would change for USC if they were to leave. They would still lose just as many games. USC is its own worst enemy. Oregon has succeeded because of...
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    Link: Welcome to the SEC Mike Leach

    Crazy like a Fox. He is an eccentric genius. That's not saying I want to hang out with him or anything, but he knows how to coach underdog programs. Wazzou, Kentucky and Texas Tech have always been also rans in their respective conferences and most in their home states, but he gets them to...
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    Question: Should Bama have taken a knee at end of Citrus Bowl instead of scoring?

    It's football. It was a run play at the end of a meaningless bowl game. Getting Najee another TD was well worth the harassment from petty Big Ten fans.
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    Poll: Does Tua Stay or Go?

    Tua announces he is coming back right before his first Geometry class of the semester and the SEC west collectively craps their pants. I would love it.