Bama vs Utex

Al A Bama

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Jun 24, 2011
I pretty much turn the sound off on all announcers these days. They detract from the game instead of blending in and becoming part of it.
Sometimes, it’s best to listen to classical music especially when Bama is playing. It is usually annoying listening to certain biased and arrogant TV announcers. We know as much about our team as they do, possibly even more. We also know more than they do about our opponents.


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Jan 15, 2000
Houston, Texas USA
I thought you were talking about that Best Little House in Texas. Marvin Zinder Eye Witness News.
I was. The Chicken Ranch on the east side of La Grange. Marvin made his fame on putting it out of business. The snake farm 92 mentioned, which Ray Wylie Hubbard sang about, is near New Braunfels.

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