Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?


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Nov 10, 2021
Glad that is over and we can get back to the business at hand rather than chasing our tail on a legacy recruit. Holstein is solid.
Solid? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: I have to think that he is a little more than solid!...A great young man. He has been a great kid at his HS.Played tremendous competition. And may be the strongest,and possess the most explosive athleticism we have seen anywhere out of HS for a long time at the QB position. Maybe ever.With the possible exception of a future teammate from Tompkins HS in Katy,Texas.

And Holstein has terrific size and a Huge arm. He has advanced mechanics,and a sound quick release.The ball doesnt jump out of his hand,like maybe it does out of Bryce Young's hand. But it is plenty good enough.And he is 6"4 and 220 and can run and is close to a 4.6 40 athlete. I kind of hate to say this because I was/am a real big Ty Simpson fan. There was and isnt nothing about his game that I dont like and Ty will be a fantastic QB for The Tide or some other Power 5 school before he is finished. But I like Eli Holstein better,and I definitely like him better than Arch. Not even close to me. And I like Ewers much better than Arch also.IF Ewers develops like his talents obviously scream out that he has?..With his weapons down there? He is going to be a problem

Just for shots and giggles,and I know the family obviously has some cash. But I wonder what Arch is going to be paid?


Feb 24, 2017
Happy it wasn’t Georgia. I’m sure Texas will find a way to squander his talents. RTR
I hope not, I don't understand why some people hope other people to fail. I don't , I think this is a good fit for arch, these kids work so hard to get to this level, some will succeed, some will not, that's life. Good luck to him, Arch against Ty or Eli in the natty sounds good to me.
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