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Site Owners & Administrators

TideFans.com is a produced by BamaNation Partners, LLC. BNPLLC is owned by Brett Young (BamaNation). Brett is a 1993 C&BA graduate of The University of Alabama and was active in the Greater NY Chapter of the National Alumni Association when he lived in NYC. He moved from London, England to Atlanta, GA in 2002 and maintains close connections with many alumni and administration in Tuscaloosa.

Jess Nicholas (JessN), the site's Editor-in-Chief and main contributor, is a 1996 Alabama graduate. He puts together a variety of weekly and special reports based on his observations of the team. He is currently the Editor of a newspaper in central Alabama.

Earle Self (TIDE-HSV) is a top-notch attorney who follows all things Crimson. He is an Alabama alum currently living in North Alabama. Earle has some great friends and contacts throughout the BamaNation community.

The late Richard Heaton (bayoutider) did a great job maintaining law and order in the TideFans forums. He was been a member of the site since the beginning and lived in parts unknown on a secret island in the Atlantic (we think!). We miss him, his patience, and his love for Bama!

Our other "superadmin" is crimsonaudio. He is in the music industry and has Grammys! He is a voice of reason in a sea of chaos! :)

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