What is a teaser post/thread?


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What are teaser posts/threads, you ask? It is any thread that has a title where the content cannot be discerned.

The idea behind the anti-teaser rule is that teasers directly cause dupes. When you can't tell from the title, you end up opening threads you would not have, had the title been clear. and, as you did, you start dupes, not realizing that it's a dupe. You should be able to scan the thread titles and see if you're starting a dupe or not. You shouldn't have to open every thread. The anti-dupe rule is that people simply get turned off by seeing thread after thread covering the same territory, with, frequently, the same folk posting their opinions over and over.

The best item this site has to sell is its front page. The front page produces almost all the "eyeballs," and, thus, click-throughs. When the front page is cluttered up with dupes and teasers, viewing drops off, and advertising revenue with it.

Those who are repeat offenders are subject to having their posting abilities revoked for a period of time.

Examples of Teaser Titles:

"How about this?"

"You know you've seen it all when..."

"Everybody needs to see this"

"I don't know about..."

"Why is it a bad thing?"

Anything that only has Coach X as a title: "Coach Smith" "Coach Saban" "Coach Bryant" "Coach..."

"I would like to nominate...."

"Just for Kicks"

"Here's who we hire!!!"

"No Worries!"

"Good stuff..."

"The best move"

"On NOTICE!!!!"

"Chasing our tails"

"Just In Case"

"Why not?"

"Let's talk about..."

"What Happened?"

"Lord have mercy"

"Any Coaches?"

"Call me crazy but what about..."

"That giant sucking sound..."


"Check This Out!"

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