Profanity, Vulgarity, Obscenity


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Profanity, Vulgarity, Obscenity

Gross profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity, including personal attacks, will not be tolerated. From a technical standpoint, censorship of this nature is not always viable, but is the standard policy for the board . From a personal standpoint, this board is intended as an open forum for the free exchange of ideas. Any recruits that may be visiting this board, if they are suited to play for our university, certainly posess the maturity to be capable of distinguishing an idea from the language that expresses it. However, moderators and administrators retain the supreme and ultimate authority to remove any post for any reason. * Also...Gratuitous links to, or promotion of, any site containing pornography, obscenity or profanity are prohibited and linking to these sites may result in immediate termination of your posting privileges.

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