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The site will be an exciting and fun site to visit and will provide more and better information than any other independent Alabama fan site. To keep us on the right path toward our mission, purpose, and goals we have identified several directives:

1. We will create a sense of community and provide opportunities for TideFans everywhere to participate in various site-sponsored trips, events, polls, posts, newsletters, and guest articles.

2. We will look for opportunities to expand our coverage of items of interest to TideFans.

3. We will work with various local Alabama Alumni organizations to provide them a home on the web (as available)

4. We do not tolerate any of the following in any post or article and reserve the right to, without notice, immediately and/or permanently block the member from posting should one or more of these occur:

* Gross vulgarity or obscenity

* Improper and/or harsh criticism of current or former players or HS recruits.

* Improper criticism of coaches.

* For lack of a better description: Ignorant sparring between posters.

* Plagiarism or unauthorized posting of copyrighted material.

* Gratuitous links to non-sports or non-Bama related sites

* Gratuitous links to other Bama/SEC-specific boards. (In other words, if you have a Bama or SEC board, don't use TideFans.com to advertise your site unless you want to pay us for the advertising space and reach!!)

* Gratuitous links to, or promotion of, any site containing pornography, obscenity or profanity.

* Any explicit reference to pornography or sexually suggestive content..

* Posts containing racist or bigoted remarks or references

* Any reference (explicit or implicit) that states Bear Bryant was anything other than the greatest coach ever!!

* The above list is not all-inclusive, but certainly gives the direction of the board. Moderators can and will do everything to enforce the "Spirit of TideFans.com"

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